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Acronyms and Definitions

Use these sources to decipher acronyms and abbreviations in the field of IS.

  • Acronyms, Symbols & Abbreviations For general guides to acronyms and abbreviations, see the “Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations” page maintained by the Reference, Research and Government Information Services department.
  • ALA & LIS Acronyms Decodes acronyms for units, divisions, roundtables, committees and publications of the American Library Association; acronyms for other library and related organizations; and abbreviations commonly used in the library literature.
  • Society of American Archivists Glossary Terms


Find a library (or at least its website).

Email Discussion Lists (list-servs)

Email discussion lists are a vital channel for professional networking among librarians.

This page points to directories of email lists.  It also includes all listservs that are mentioned on other pages within this site.

  • css-discuss.org An email list devoted to cascading style sheets (CSS), accompanied by a wiki that includes many examples.
  • DCRM-L Discussion list for the Descriptive Cataloging for Rare Materials (DCRM).
  • Library Listservs From the Library of Congress, a list of library-related email lists.
  • LISwiki : Discussion GroupsIdentifies and links to email discussion lists in the following categories: General; Associations; Computing; Departments; Employment; New Librarians; Subjects; Vendors; Youth-Children.
  • PUBLIB Electronic Discussion List An email list “for public librarians and those interested in public libraries.”
  • PUBYACA discussion list for young adult and children’s librarians.
  • Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing (SHARP) SHARP is a global scholarly organization for historians of print culture. The library has a subscription to their journal, Book History, and the organization also offers a discussion list, SHARP-L.
  • Web4LibA busy email discussion list for library-based web managers. Archives may be searched and browsed.


  • ALA Library Fact Sheets
    Prepared by the staff of the ALA Library to answer frequently asked questions about libraries and librarianship.
  • LISWiki
    A cooperatively created and maintained “niche encyclopedia covering library-related issues.”
  • LISNews
    This blog is frequently updated with news and resources of interest to librarians.