Volunteering at the Conservation Lab - General Information

The Conservation Lab is pleased to offer volunteer and internship opportunities to members of the conservation community, campus, and the public.


Conservation experience is not required. Volunteer positions are offered as semester-long appointments. Each semester, volunteer training will be focused on a specific repair or group of repairs. Volunteers commit to one 3-hour shift per week, offered on a weekday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The day and time of the volunteer shift will change each semester, but will always be on a weekday between the hours of 9 a.m and 5 p.m. The upcoming semester’s schedule will be noted on the volunteer application form.

The online volunteer application form is always available and applications are reviewed just before the beginning of each semester.

Applicants will be contacted to schedule an informal interview, basic hand skills test and introduction to lab tools and equipment. Due to limitations on lab space and staff time, we cannot offer every applicant a position. Applicants who do not secure a volunteer position are encouraged to reapply for future semesters.


Internships are available for students enrolled in conservation training programs.  Depending upon duration and available funding, internships may be paid or unpaid.  The Library Conservation lab offers educational opportunities in a variety of areas including flat paper, general book collections, rare books, exhibits, archives, and conservation administration.  Interested applicants should contact the Unit Head, Jennifer Hain Teper (jhain@illinois.edu) for further information.

If you are a current or recent graduate of conservation school interested in applying, applications are accepted through December 31st for summer or fall internship appointments. To apply please send a letter of interest, portfolio (including 3-5 treatments in weblink or PDF format), and curriculum vitae to Jennifer Hain Teper, Head of Conservation and Preservation at U of I (jhain@illinois.edu). Decisions will be made by March 31st.