Robert B. Teska Collection–Policies, Rules & Procedures

Within this category there are 19 documents that have been prepared by Mr. Teska or by someone under his supervision.

The documents compiled under this category include the following topics: 
Subdivision Regulations

2. Development Policy Guidelines

3. Land Utilization and Policy Zoning

4. Zoning Regulations

5. Zoning Recommendations

Policies, Rules & Procedures  

The reports under this heading are listed below in chronological order:

S. No. Title Date 
1 Recommendations for Revisions to Subdivision Regulations of the Village of Northbrook, Illinois March 1963
2 The Beloit Subdivision Regulations August 1965
3 Recommended Zoning Regulations August 1965
4 Recommended Comprehensive Planning Policies for the Barrington, Illinois Area September 1971
5 Zoning Recommendations for the I-94 High Accessibility Corridor March 1974
6 Planning and Development Policies, Kane County, Illinois Comprehensive Planning Program August 1974
7 Lincoln City and Lancaster County, Nebraska: Compendium of Zoning Policies December 1972
8 Compendium of Zoning Policies: Lincoln City Lancaster County Comprehensive Planning Program
9 Development Guidelines for North Stolp Island December 1984
10 Zoning Issues – Prepared for the Loudoun County, Virginia February 1988
11 Policy Framework for the Comprehensive Plan of Riverdale September 1988
12 Zoning Policies – Prepared for the Loudoun County, Virginia December 1988
13 Braidwood Zoning Ordinances  March 1990
14 Guidelines for Diversified Regional Centers May 1991
15 Review of Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances for Villages of East Dundee February 1992
16 Downtown Deforest Strategic Revitalization: A Policy Guide to the Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of Redevelopment May 1995
17 Principles of Balanced Growth, Winnebago County, Illinois October 2002
18 Principles of Balanced Growth, Winnebago County  Balanced Growth Initiative
19 Schenectady, New York: Compendium of Zoning Policies