CPLA Special Collections

The CPLA (City Planning, Landscape Architecture) Special Collections are a collection of collections donated to our library from scholars and practitioners that have had major influence and impact on urban design around the world.  These collections contain a papers and materials from the donors personal collections and memoirs relating to professional projects, e.g., planning documents, pamphlets, newsletters, portfolios, reports, correspondences, professional bios, fact sheets, maps, press releases, etc.  Students and faculty will find the special collections hold valuable information for their research, reports, and presentations.

There are two ways to identify what are in the CPLA Special Collections:

CPLA special collections are indexed in a searchable BibLeaves database.  Each item has its own record with detail about what special collection it is from (CPLA), the format type, publication date, publisher when applicable, CPLA sub-collection (the individual CPLA collection, e.g., Teska), what box and folder it is in, and subject terms. There are facets on the left side of record that can be clicked to access records related to that category (e.g., Subject Term). It looks like this:

BibLeaves Demonstration


The ‘Folder-level finding aid’ is a basic description of each collection of the CPLA Special Collections as well as a table of contents list for each collection.  This can be used to identify contents for all of the CPLA Special Collections.


PLEASE NOTE: The CPLA Special Collections do not circulate.  To arrange viewing contents of this collection, please contact Mike Dickinson