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Discharging Lost Items

UIUC Lost Items

  1. Proceed as you would with any other UIUC book. When prompted, respond yes to clear lost status.
  2. The item will appear in the next day's Assumed Lost Returned Report. Using the report, the Billing Office will cancel the replacement charge and reduce the patron's Lost Items counter.

If the patron found the book on the shelf, and you want to make sure they aren't charged the $10.00 late return fee, leave a note for your supervisor or call the Library Billing Office at 333-8288.

I-Share Lost Items

Items from I-Share libraries can only be discharged after their home library is selected from the drop down list of libraries in the Discharge Window. (See pictures below.)


  1. Click on Discharge.
  2. Scan the item barcode.
  3. If the item has a LOST status, a message box will appear asking if you want to complete the discharge.
    Answer OK. (See Picture)
  1. Another message box will appear asking if you want to remove the Lost status.
    Answer NO.
  2. The item will be discharged and a route slip will print. (See Picture)
  3. Insert a LOST ITEM DISCHARGED! streamer AND the routing slip in the item and put it where you return I-share volumes.

    Note: If you accidentally clear the lost status on an I-Share book, do not despair. It happens to us all, eventually. Note on the streamer that the status was cleared by mistake, and that should alert the school.