Guidelines for Library Staff: Response to Violation of University Library Policies

Campus Police

In the case of criminal behavior, damage to property, or conduct which endangers the safety of yourself or others, immediately call the Campus Police – 911.  If it is safe to do so,  notify the Library Facilities Office – (217) 333-0317 – M-F – 8:30-5:00.

Notice of Violations

Normally, persons violating policies will first be asked to stop. Those who refuse to do so will be told to leave. If persons refuse to leave, call Campus Police – 911 .


Persons who are repeat offenders of University Library policies will be warned in writing that the next such offense will lead to their being barred from the University Library System. If the patron returns to the University Library after he or she has been barred, the University Library will call Campus Police to expel the individual. This does not preclude the Library taking action to bar a patron from the University Library for egregious misconduct without prior warning. The decision to issue a warning letter, or to bar a patron, must be discussed with the Associate University Librarian for User Services.


University Library staff will make formal complaints to authorities only on those occasions when they have witnessed incidents, or have a patron willing to file a formal complaint. If a patron wishes to have Campus Police summoned in response to an incident not witnessed by staff, that patron must be willing to file any necessary complaint documentation personally. Even if a formal complaint is not filed, the  Associate University Librarian for User Services should be notified promptly of any incidents of prohibited behavior.


The University Librarian, Associate University Librarian for User Services are specifically authorized to make necessary emergency decisions and to interpret policy within the framework of this policy statement to ensure the continued safety of library users, staff, equipment, collections, and facilities, and to provide a proper environment in the University Library System.

Some University Policies Regarding Conduct

Campus Administrative Manual : Section VIII, Use of University Premises and Facilities.

Other Library Policies

UIUC Library Electronic Information Policy : Rights and Responsibilities of consumers of electronic information in the Library.

December 1, 1997 [Updated March 27, 2019]

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