Procedure for Interviewing Interim Head Positions

Interim Head Positions

  • The Dean, in consultation with EC, establishes how long the interim position will last; usually at least one year.
  • EC determines the duties that will be covered by the interim position.
  • A call goes out to the Faculty asking if anyone is interested in applying for the position; usually giving individuals two-weeks to respond.
  • Interviews are set up between EC and the individual
    • EC has created a set of interview questions that may be used.
    • As a result of the process, a recommendation is made to the Dean, therefore interviews do not normally include the Dean.
    • The AUL responsible for the area covered by the interim position will have a ½ hour interview with the individual, typically on the same day that EC interviews the individual.
    • EC makes a recommendation to the Dean.
    • The Dean contacts all applicants to let them know if they have been chosen for the interim position, or not.

Approved by EC 10/3/2016