Use of Library Administrative Space

Policy Statement:

The University Library provides Library faculty and staff with access to administrative space in order to facilitate the conduct of the administrative work of the Library and the governance activities of the Library faculty. Administrative space is provided in order to facilitate collaboration among Library faculty and staff, and between Library faculty and staff and campus partners. For the purpose of this policy, “administrative space” includes (but is not limited to) established conference rooms and meeting rooms located in Library facilities.

Library administrative space is reserved for the use of Library faculty and staff. First priority for administrative space is established for meetings of Library Administration, divisions, and units, as well as for Library committees, task forces, and working groups. To schedule or reserve the use of Library administrative space, please contact the Office of Library Facilities .

Assuming no administrative need for the space, Library faculty and staff may also reserve individual conference rooms and meeting rooms for instructional purposes on a case-by-case basis. Administrative space should be considered as the last option for instructional purposes, as the University Library provides its faculty and staff with access to instructional space designed for use by classes and for other instructional purposes (workshops, staff training and development programs, etc.), e.g., 291 Undergraduate Library . Faculty seeking to reserve Library instructional space should consult the appropriate space use policy, or contact the Office of Library Facilities to be directed to the appropriate scheduling authority.

While administrative space may be scheduled for instructional purposes on a case-by-case basis, conference rooms and meeting rooms are not meant to be reserved for repeated use by Library faculty teaching regularly-scheduled, credit-bearing courses. Library administrative space may be scheduled for repeated use by Library faculty teaching regularly scheduled classes only in exceptional cases, and only with the approval of the Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities or the Associate University Librarian for Services and Associate Dean of Libraries. Approval to use Library administrative space for a regularly scheduled class may by revised (with appropriate notice) based on changes to Library space needs.

No administrative space may be reserved for instructional purposes in a given semester prior to the call for scheduling routine administrative meetings issued by the Office of the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries. The call for scheduling administrative meetings will be made annually in December (for Spring and Summer terms), and July (for Fall term).

The administrative spaces covered explicitly by this policy include all facilities in the Main Library, including (but not limited to): 127E Library, 423 Library, and 428 Library.


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Responsible Office : Office of Library Facilities

Contact : Tim Newman, Office of Library Facilities, 246 Main Library, 1408 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801. 217-333-0317.

Approved by : University Library Administrative Council

Approved on : March 17, 2008

Effective on : March 17, 2008

Review Cycle : As needed

Change History : Initial approval, March 17, 2008