Retire Content

When to Retire

When your content is no longer needed or relevant, it’s time to remove it. You have the option to unpublish, delete, or archive it in an institutional repository.

When deciding to remove content, consider these questions:

  • Is the information repeated elsewhere on the library websites?
  • Does it describe a service you no longer provide?
  • Does it describe outdated tools or procedures your library no longer uses?
  • How important is this content? Would not having it cause problems?
  • Would other web pages need to be updated if we changed or removed this one?

Where to Retire

If your content is research conducted by a member of the University of Illinois, it might find a home in IDEALS.
If the content has enduring historical value, consider donating it to the University Archives.
If you delete a full web page, it may be saved in the Wayback Machine.