Request Computer Hardware/Software

Request New Computer Hardware

Log a Work Request to request a new computer, printer, or other computer equipment. Requests for new equipment are evaluated and prioritized by the Manager, IT Workstation & Network Support.

Request New Computer Software

Visit Standard Software on Staff PCs page to see standard suite of software applications installed on all Library staff PCs.

Library IT makes library-wide or campus-wide licensed software available through Software Center. You can install Adobe products and other applications using the Software Center.

To request applications not available through the Software Center, please log a Work Request. Because of the complex University purchasing process, it is best to request new software well in advance of its anticipated use. Include the following information in your request:

  1. Inventory tag(s) of the computer(s) on which the software is to be installed.
  2. Name of the unit head or supervisor who has approved the request.

Library IT maintains concurrent user licenses for several commonly used software applications. These applications can usually be installed within a few days by IT Workstation & Network Support staff.

All software that is new to the Library must be approved in advance by campus Purchasing before the order is placed or the application is downloaded. This is true even for software that can be downloaded freely. Approval requires a minimum of two weeks and can take much longer.

Note: If the software can be downloaded freely and does require you to accept the provider’s terms of use (i.e., does not require you to click ok to accept terms), you can download it immediately without review by Purchasing.

The Help Desk Coordinator will contact you about software that requires approval by Purchasing to obtain the information and documents needed to initiate the purchase process. The details appear below. In some cases, Purchasing sends new licenses to University Counsel for review and and possible negotiation. In these cases, the wait for approval can be lengthy.

  1. Price quote from the software vendor
  2. Copy of the vendor’s standard software license and/or statement of terms and conditions of use
  3. Product name, version number and other details identifying the product to be ordered
  4. Name, email address and telephone number of a vendor contact
  5. Name, email address and telephone number of the Library contact
  6. Inventory tag(s) of the computer(s) on which the software will be installed
  7. Brief description of the product (for example, “freeware text editor.”)
  8. Brief description of how the product will be used.
  9. Fund account to be charged. If software will be purchased with department fund s (i.e., non-Library IT funds). include the account number and name of the responsible fund manager. The requester is responsible for obtaining the fund manager’s approval in advance.
  10. #1, #2 or #4 are not needed for software from the following vendors/products: Techsmith (Camtasia, SnagIt); Oxygen; any products we acquire through the CITES Software WebStore.
  11. Note: All software installed on Library workstations must be licensed by the University of Illinois.

When Will Existing Hardware/Software Be Upgraded?

Library IT intends to replace all faculty, staff and public computers based on an expected three-year life cycle. This replacement strategy is dependent on the annual budget and is limited to CPU, keyboard and mouse. Other hardware such as monitors, printers and barcode readers are replaced on an as needed basis and as funding is available.

Library IT makes every attempt to keep desktop software versions as current as possible. Library IT staff thoroughly test new versions prior to deployment.

Purchase Personal Software at the campus Webstore

UI faculty, staff, and students may purchase over one hundred software applications offered by the WebStore for use at home on their personal computers. Members of the University community often get significant discounts on their personal purchases.