IT Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, reboot

If a computer or device is running slowly, not performing as it usually does, or is simply defying all logic, a simple restart can often return the device to running normally, more smoothly.  If a reboot fails to solve the issue or these issues frequently occur, submit a ticket with the device’s hostname or inventory number, and we will look into the problem further.

Loanable Equipment

What equipment is available for use?

Check out the loanable equipment page for updated information on what technology is available for check out.  Any library staff or faculty member may check out equipment.

Can I renew my loan?

Yes! We can renew loans up to two weeks as long as no one else needs the equipment.


I can hear the caller but the caller can’t hear me.

Lync may be logged into two different accounts at once on your computer.  Try restarting your computer and calling again.

Our resource phone says that we need to sign into Lync.

Occasionally the phones get logged out of their Lync account.  If this happens, please contact the Help Desk, and someone will stop by and log the phone back in.

Staff computers

At the end of the day, should I log off of the computer or shut it down?

Please turn off your computer at the end of the work day, unless Library IT sends out a Libnews email stating otherwise.  Usually we will only ask you to log off if updates need to be installed on staff computers.  The computer will automatically turn on the next morning.

I’m locked out of the computer and cannot log in.

Press the on/off button on the CPU until the computer turns off.  After you turn it on, the computer should allow you to log in as normal.

How do I map to the G or H drive?

Visit our step-by-step guide on mapping to these drives.

Outlook isn’t working and I can’t access my email or calendar.

Contact the Help Desk and someone will stop by to look at your computer.  In the meantime, you can use Webmail to access your inbox, calendar, contacts and more.

I need to back up the files on my computer.  How do I go about this?

We have instructions on how to backup your files.  Please backup your files on your desktop and local drives regularly, and not just when you’re moving computers.  If your computer is not working, we have no way to retrieve these files from the local machine.

…I just accidentally deleted a bunch of files from my G or H drive.  Please help!

Send us a ticket with the file names and file path (where they were saved).  We regularly back up the G and H drives, so we may be able to restore your file(s) if they were recently deleted or lost.

Public computers, printing, and scanning

I have questions about public printing.

Check out the Printing FAQ.

Why does Google Chrome open in the incognito window?

After new updates to the Chrome browser, the browser stores user browsing history even after the user logs off public computers.  So to protect users’ privacy we have set the Chrome browser to open as an incognito, which does not save browsing history.

The scanner is no longer prompting to scan additional pages.

In Adobe Acrobat Pro, click on Create > PDF from Scanner… > Configure Presets.  In this window you can check the box that says, “Prompt for scanning more pages”.  Click Save and Close after you’ve checked the box.  The program should then start prompting for additional pages for future scans.

Didn’t find your question here?  Contact the Library IT Help Desk.