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What is is the control system that lets you manage websites and databases hosted on the platform. cPanel offers a wide range of web hosting options to students, faculty, and staff, as well as offering easy collaboration with non-University partners through Google authentication. (However, the owner of a site must always be a person affiliated with the University.)

If you are not sure about the difference between and (cPanel), here is the comparison of two systems.

Who can request a account?

1. General Users Account without Library IT Support

Please refer campus documentation.

2. Users with Library IT support: Support code, “library”

Ownership Requirement

Websites must have a current member of the University of Illinois Library as an owner. The website owner can grant web hosting account permissions to the other University of Illinois affiliated faculty, students or staff and can also request access for non-Illinois affiliated collaborators. Ownership can be transferred to a currently affiliated person. If the website owner has left Illinois and there are no other currently affiliated website maintainers, the site will be removed. (Campus cPanel policy)

2. Requirement for Support

You must provide the support code, “library” if your site would like to receive the support from Library IT.

3. Domain Name Support

The default cPanel account domain name follows this format We can provide custom domain services and you can also request an SSL certificate. To request custom domain and SSL certificate, please file a ticket with the Help Desk, or call the help desk at 217 244-4688.

Difference between and account

Criteria (cPanel)
Content creation WordPress only Your choice of plain HTML, WordPress, Drupal, other content management systems, database-driven sites, and/or programming-driven sites.
Templates and themes Only specific pre-created templates and themes can be used Your choice of either pre-created or custom-built templates and themes
Responsibility for security patching and maintenance Largely centrally managed. Many offerings allow automatic patching, but some systems may need your manual patch attention. If you use a custom code on cPanel, you will need to take responsibility for your custom code’s security as well.
Group site ownership One option: Shared ownership of a WordPress site Multiple options: Site ownership can be shared either at the cPanel level or at the individual website level.
Multiple websites per domain Not available If your group needs (for example) a WordPress-based news site, a Drupal-based research data-driven site, a GitLab-based code repository, and a PHP-based community forum all within the umbrella of, cPanel makes it possible.
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Policy for Account

Library IT Policy

Acquiring an Amazon Web Services(AWS) cPanel account/service conveys no implicit commitment by Library or University IT to develop, support, troubleshoot, or maintain the content you choose to deploy to your AWS cPanel site. If you need any support for creating or maintaining a cPanel account, please contact Library IT directly at or call the help desk at 217 244-4688 The Support request will be reviewed and prioritized by Library Administration. Additional details with regards to this, including links to the relevant documents and forms, will be included in the first email reply you will receive upon submitting this form.

Campus IT policy

Appropriate use policy: Websites hosted at must abide by the campus computer appropriate use policy. See also the Easy Guide to the Appropriate Use Policy.

Website owner responsibility: It is the responsibility of the website owner to follow good web security practices. This includes but isn’t limited to: keeping content management system software such as WordPress updated; removing websites no longer in use; restricted access to content where appropriate; reporting possible compromises immediately to

FERPA and HIPAA  data: created from cPanel account is not an approved platform for FERPA or HIPAA data