H Drive & G Drive

About H Drive and G drive

If you have personal files that you want to save on the Library IT fileserver, store them on your H drive (home directory).

If you have files that need to be shared by multiple people, store them in a folder on the G drive (group directories).

The H drive and the G drive are “network drives.”

Files saved to the H and G drives are backed up every night by Library IT. Files saved to C drive on your computer are NOT backed up every night and are vulnerable to loss if your computer crashes.

How to Get H and G drives set up

  • Request an H drive by logging an OTRS ticket. Be sure to include your Net ID.
  • Request a new folder on the G drive by logging an OTRS ticket. Include a recommended name for the new folder and the names and Net ID’s of all Library employees who need access to it.

How to View Your H Drive and Your G Drive Folders

To view the contents of your H drive or your G drive folders click the “Computer” icon on your computer’s desktop.  All the network drives to which you have access appear in the “Network Drives” section of this page.  Click the icon for the drive you want to view.

If your drive does not show up or you’re accessing it from a different computer that does not automatically map the drive, you can always add the drive yourself. You will have to go through this process for each drive you wish to map.

  • Open Computer.
  • Go to the Tools menu and select ‘Map Network Drive’.
  • Choose any available letter (or G and H if you’d prefer to keep it consistent) for the Drive letter.
  • Enter \\files.library.illinois.edu\groupfiles as the folder for traditional G drive and enter \\files.library.illinois.edu\YourNetID$ for traditional H drive access. Replace YourNetID with your actual NetID.
  • If you are not logged in as yourself on this computer, click the ‘Connect using a different user name.’ link. On the window that pops up, enter your user name as UOFI\ YourNetID and the password will be your AD password. Replace YourNetID with your actual NetID.
  • Click Finish. You should now see your drive listed under My Computer with the letter you selected.
  • If you are on a shared access machine, you should Disconnect the Drive before you leave by going to My Computer again. Then go to the Tools menu and select ‘Disconnect Network Drive.’ A window will pop-up. There choose the drive you mapped and click the Ok button. This will need to be repeated for each drive you mapped.

When You Leave the Library

When you leave your job at the Library, your access to your H drive and your G drive folders will be removed. The files on your H drive will be deleted.  Be sure to transfer any H drive files you don’t want to lose to a flash drive, or some other form of removable media, before you leave the Library.