System Administrator Rights on Staff PCs

The Library IT/Workstation & Network Support (WNS) unit actively supports Library operations and services by maintaining and managing over 600 desktop workstations for Library staff. To facilitate quick and reliable set-up, configuration and service for these computers we have implemented a small number of standardized workstation configurations.

In addition, WNS partners with CITES to ensure that Library workstations meet all campus network security standards and are subject to rigorous anti-virus protection. We strive to be fully responsible members of the campus network community.

One way that WNS meets its obligation to keep Library staff computing secure is by keeping system administrator rights on staff workstations under the management of Library IT personnel.

We are aware that work responsibilities in the Library have evolved in some cases to require significant use of software applications and/or computing equipment that aren’t covered by our standardized hardware/software configurations. Recognizing this, we are striving to achieve a workstation support environment for the Library that balances individual needs for specialized hardware/software with the traditional need to maintain a secure computing environment for the Library and the University-and with your expectations for timely service when you run into problems.

If you believe the Library’s standard hardware/software configurations don’t adequately support your work responsibilities, please contact Lee Galaway (Manager, Library IT/WNS) to discuss your situation.  We have multiple options available for opening up access to the computing resources you may need, and we would be happy to explore these options with you. Our goal, as always, will be to give you the tools you need to do your job while ensuring that our obligation to keep computing safe for all is fully met. If after consideration it is clear that you need system administrator rights on your PC in order to fulfill your work responsibilities, we will carefully explain the additional responsibilities you will be taking on when you are granted admin privileges and the conditions under which we may need to revoke these privileges.

Key requirements for responsible use and management of admin privileges include:

  • Any software you install on the workstation must have a current license.  Library IT is responsible for maintaining the licenses for standard software installed by WNS.
  • A Library staff workstation cannot be set up as a server.  When you need server space for a project or a proposed new service, please contact Library IT regarding server options that are available.
  • Hardware and network configurations on staff PCs can be changed only by, or in consultation with, WNS personnel.
  • Local user accounts and privileges–including passwords–cannot be deleted or modified except by Library IT personnel.