Hostname and Inventory No.

Each networked Library computer has a unique name and address so it can be easily identified. Please provide either your computer hostname (also called “machine name”) or its inventory number (also called “inventory tag”) when you contact Library IT to report a problem or to request assistance with a workstation.

There are two places where you can find this information:

On your computer’s desktop

There is an icon called “Computer Information” on every staff computer. It looks like this:

Computer Information Icon

When you click it, a web page displays in the browser on which you’ll find the hostname and inventory number of your computer along with some other information. It looks like this:

Workstation information. Inventory number L72883. Last inventories 07/25/2007. Machine name LIBSTFSYS18. MAC 001109B4DB59

Notice the inventory number is at the top and in bold (highlighted in yellow in the above image) since when you log a ticket there is a field for you to fill in for the inventory number. The hostname is called the machine name (highlighted in red) on this page.

On the right side of your computer (CPU)

There are several labels on the right side of your computer (when your computer is siting flat and you’re facing the DVD drive).

One of them will be the hostname label and it looks like this:

Hostname: LIBSTFUAR10. For Assist. Call 4-4688

One of them will be the inventory number label. It may look like one of the following tags:


University of Illinois State of Illinois G45067

UIUC Library Systems L73648