Faculty & AP: Laptops and Workstations

What is the Computing Technology Allocation Program (CTAP)?

The work of Library Faculty and Academic Professionals is increasingly mobile and reliant on technology, and Library IT is committed to working pro-actively with each individual to identify technology that effectively meets the needs of their primary responsibilities and research.  Therefore the Library has established the Computing Technology Allocation Program to provide either a laptop or workstation that best supports the responsibilities for each full-time, permanent Library faculty or Academic Professional.  For more information on the CTAP program, please consult the CTAP program guidelines.

Who is eligible?

This program applies to full-time, permanent Faculty and Academic Professional staff in the University Library.  The program  is not to be used for shared workstations, public use, instructional or conference spaces, or as loanable technology.

How can I participate?

If you are eligible, please fill out this online request form for technology.

Library IT will get in touch with you to discuss available technology options for your work needs.

What is the CTAP process?

If you are eligible for the CTAP program and have submitted a request, these are the next steps:

  1. Library IT will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your technology needs.  Library IT will suggest models that appear to best fit your working needs.
  2. Demo laptops are available at the Help Desk for you try out (these are not available for loan).
  3. After a decision is reached, Library IT will purchase and prepare the device.  Library IT will contact you when it is ready.  If it is a laptop, the Help Desk will contact you to pick it up and fill out a long-term loan form.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

The time between the technology request and receiving it can take an average of 4-5 weeks.  We estimate about 1-2 weeks to consult with the requester and decide on a device, 1-3 weeks to acquire the technology (dependent on what we already have available and delivery time from vendors), and 4-6 days for IT to prepare and set up the device. We will keep the requester informed with each step of the process.

What are my technology needs?

Think about what features are most important to help you with your job.  How often do you travel?  What software do you often use?  What kind of tasks do you need it to accomplish?
Still have questions?  Please email the CTAP group, ctap@library.illinois.edu