Add a shared mailbox (Exchange 365)

Outlook desktop

Click on File and select the “Add Account” button.

In the “Add Account” window, type the shared mailbox address* into the Email Address field. Leave other fields blank and click “Next“.

*Shared mailbox address is different from the email address of the shared mailbox, for example:

  • Shared mailbox address: (this is what you need to enter)
  • Email address:

Wait until you’re prompted for log in, then erase the shared email address and enter your own email address, AD password, check “Remember my credentials” and click OK.

You’ll return to the “Add Account” window, click”Finish“.

Click OK when you’re warned to restart Outlook.

Restart Outlook to access the new mailbox, if you receive an error message or don’t see any emails, restart your computer and launch Outlook again.

Outlook online (

  1. After logging into your Illinois email account, click on the user icon in the top right corner, and select “Open another mailbox…”.
  2. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox you’d like to access, and press enter.
  3. The shared mailbox should open, and you can check and send emails.

screenshot of Outlook Online pointing out where to click