Unable to View Meeting Room Calendar in Outlook 2013

If you are having trouble with viewing meeting room calendars in Outlook 2013 (the desktop client),first please try to view the same calendar in Outlook Web App (OWA), if you’re able to see the meeting room calendars in the Outlook Web App (OWA), then try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the problem in Outlook 2013 desktop client:

  1. Click “File” tab (“Info” should be highlighted on the left), click “Account Setting” icon
    Account information. help@library.illinois.edu microsoft exchange. Add accoutn Account settings: account and social network settings: change settings for this account or set up more connections, access the account on the web https://webmail.illinois.edu/owa, connect to social networks. Automatic replies (out of office): use automatic replies to notify others taht you are out of office, on vacation, or not available to respond to e-mail messages. Mailbox cleanup: manage the size of your mailbox by empyting deleted items and archiving. Rules and alerts: use rules and alerst to help organize your incoming e-mail messages, and receive updates when items are added, changed, or removed.
  2. Select  “Account Settings…
    Account settings...: add and remove accounts or change existing connection settings. Social netowkr accounts: confiure office to connect to social networks. Delegate access: give others permission to receive items and respond on your behalf. Download address book: download a copy of the global address book. Manage mobile notifications: set up SMS and mobile notifications.
  3. Account Settings window pops up,  under “Email” tab, click “Change…
    Account settings. E-mail accounts: you can add or remove an account. You can select an account and change its settings. Email: New..., Repair..., Change..., Set as default..., Remove. Name, type. Selected account delivers new messages to the following location: help@library.illinois.edu\Inbox in data file C:\Users\arres2\...\Outlook\help@library.illinois.edu.ost. Close.
  4. Change Account window pops up, click “More Settings…” button at the lower right corner
    Change account. Server settings: enter the microsoft exchange server settings for your account. Server settings. Server: casarray.mx.uillinois.edu. User name: help@library.illinois.edu. Check Name. Offline settings: Use caches exchange mode: Mail to keep offline: 12 months. More settings... Back, Next, Cancel.
  5. Microsoft Exchange box pops up, click “Security” tab, check the box “Always prompt for logon credentials,” click OK
    Microsoft exchange. General, advanced, security: Encryption. Encrypt data between microsoft outlook and microsoft exchange. User identification. Always prompt for login credentials. Logon network security. Negotiate authentication. Ok, cancel, apply.
  6. Click “Next, “Finish“, then “Close“.
  7. Exit Outlook, then restart it.
  8. Outlook will ask you to log in:
    • User name: UOFI\your_netid
    • Password is your Active directory (AD) password (the one you use to log onto your staff computer)

    Connect to casarray.mx.uillinois.edu. Connecting to xhzhou@illinois.edu. User name: UOFI\netid. Password. Ok, cancel.

  9. Click OK. Outlook should be open shortly.

From now on, you’ll be asked to log in every time when you start Outlook 2010 and you should get up to date calendar information in the desktop client.

If you have problems viewing meeting room calendars in Outlook’s desktop client, please log an OTRS ticket and Library IT will look into the issue for you.