Sending Items to CMS for Withdrawal

The CMS staff are now taking care of withdrawing materials on behalf of all libraries.

The CMS staff process the withdrawals, update catalog records as needed, and handle disposal of the items. Having one unit handle all withdrawals will improve communication, remove some of the workload from departmental libraries, and ensure consistent record maintenance.

The Library does not withdraw last copies, so items that are determined to be the last copy will be retained at Oak Street Library (osx). Withdrawn items will be evaluated for condition and type of material. Appropriate items will be sent to a vendor for resale, with the profits returning to the Library general fund. Materials that are not appropriate for resale will be sent to recycling.

If you want materials already accessioned at Oak Street withdrawn, please see Withdrawing duplicates from Oak Street High Density Storage.



Small-Scale Withdrawals

If you have a withdrawal project with only a small number of items (less than 100 total), you can simply:

  1. Insert the streamer below in each item.
  2. Put in shipping as usual.

Withdrawn Streamers

If you are sending a serial, please try to keep all volumes of the serial being withdrawn together in the same shipment.

Large-Scale Withdrawals

If you have a withdrawal project with more than 100 items, please submit the CMS Project Request Webform