Library Staff Working with Oak Street Materials

This page contains procedures for Library employees working with materials that have already been accessioned at Oak Street High Density Storage. (If materials have not yet been accessioned at Oak Street, please see Transferring to Oak Street High Density Storage General Collection.)

Materials at Oak Street High Density Storage are not on bookshelves in call number order, but are stored in trays that are accessed by staff members driving a lift. To be able to find materials, Oak Street staff use a special inventory program that tells us where the tray containing a given barcode is. This makes it critical that only CMS staff update catalog information for these materials, especially the barcode.

If you have any questions about working with these materials, please email us at or phone us at 244-3773 during normal business hours.

This page has procedures for the following:


Transferring materials from Oak Street High Density Storage to your departmental library

Transferring materials from Oak Street to your departmental library is a fairly simple process:

  1. Submit the Deaccession from Oak Street Request Webform, choosing “Transfer to your library” under “Reason”.
  2. CMS staff will perform all necessary record maintenance in the catalog, as well as deaccessioning items from the Oak Street inventory.
  3. CMS staff will ship materials to your attention at your departmental library once they have completed processing.


Withdrawing duplicates from Oak Street High Density Storage

You can suggest that CMS withdraw duplicate items from Oak Street (e.g., if there are multiple copies at Oak Street):

  1. Submit the Deaccession from Oak Street Request Webform, choosing “Withdraw duplicates” under “Reason”.
  2. CMS staff will email confirmation that they have received your request.
  3. CMS staff will determine whether the items should be withdrawn using the standard criteria for Oak Street High Density Storage. (If you request that an item in your library’s special Oak Street location be withdrawn, CMS staff will either withdraw it or transfer it to the regular Oak Street location.)
  4. CMS staff will perform all necessary record maintenance in the catalog, as well as deaccessioning materials from the Oak Street inventory.


Transferring materials between Oak Street locations

Please email us at, with the following information:

  • Library or unit
  • Name
  • Email
  • Title
  • Call Number
  • Volume numbers (if appropriate)
  • Copy number (if appropriate)
  • Current Voyager Location Code
  • Requested Voyager Location Code

Our staff will be in touch within three business days.


Repackaging Oak Street High Density Storage materials

If any materials from Oak Street need to be re-housed for stabilization or split into multiple pieces (e.g., to analyze the component pieces), please contact us BEFORE you remove/cover the old barcode. (It is best practice to use a barcode duplicator for any materials from Oak Street, rather than change the barcode, as the Oak Street inventory system is barcode driven.)

In most cases, CMS staff will handle the repackaging or will send it to Preservation/Conservation for more complex treatments.

Whomever repackages any Oak Street materials will need to attach a physical note or streamer to the item letting the Oak Street staff know that this is a repackaged refile and that the physical size of the total piece may have changed. This is because the repackaged item may no longer fit in the same tray in the High Density Storage facility.


Requesting items from Oak Street special locations

The following special collections are set up so that patrons cannot submit requests in Primo. Instead, patrons are directed to contact the staff of the appropriate departmental library, because those units wish to see if they can meet the patrons’ needs without shipping vulnerable materials back and forth.

  • osaa = Architecture and Art Collection – Contact Ricker Library Staff to Request
  • osias = International and Area Studies Collection – Contact IAS Library Staff to Request
  • osma = Map Collection – Contact Maps Library Staff to Request
  • osne = Newspaper Collection – Contact HPNL Library Staff to Request

When those staff determine that an item does need to come to their library for use by the patron, they can submit a request:

  1. Look it up in Alma (not Primo). Verify that the status says Item in place.
  2. Click the Request button
  3. Request Type = Patron physical item request
  4. Requester = please use the patron or your unit’s dummy patron account as appropriate
  5. Note = If you use your unit account and want to track the patron you can enter patron information, etc. (this note will print on the streamer)
  6. Click the Override On Shelf Request Policy button
  7. Pickup At = select your library*
  8. Click the blue Submit button

We will pull the item and route it to you in Library shipping. You will loan it and return it as normal in Alma and it will route back to Oak Street as usual.

* While Alma will allow you to choose a different library for pickup, our inventory system will throw an error. If you really do want an item to go somewhere else (e.g., you’re sending the patron to use the item in the Oak Street Reading Room because they are only in town briefly), please contact us to let us know what’s happening and we’ll override our inventory system.