September 5, 2012 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 5, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  2:15 – Beth will introduce Jim Dohle to the committee
2.                 2:30-AULs – reviews-new process, strategic plan
3.                 Approve minutes from August 27
4.                 Question Time 
5.                 Head, Central Access Services
6.                 Strategic Plan – David and Chris
7.                 Replacement in User Ed Committee


  1. Membership for SAC

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice chair; Sarah Shreeves, secretary; Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, John Wagstaff, David Ward; Visitors – Jim Dohle, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Tom Teper, Recording: Kim Matherly


1.                 Approve minutes from August 27
Approved with changes.
2.                 Question Time 
Paula met with the Provost on August 28 and confirmed that the UL search would proceed this year. The Office of the Provost will get in touch with Chris Prom as vice chair to discuss next steps. Paula suggested EC use time at a faculty meeting to talk about the search process.

Paula and Jeff Schrader had a walkthrough of the Main and Undergraduate Libraries on August 29 with Chancellor Wise, Provost Adesida, Vice Chancellor for Research Schiffer, and Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost Andrechak. This was primarily to point out facilities issues.

EC approved the final revisions of the LIS position with changes. Kim will pass this on to Lynne Rudasill and Beth Woodard.

EC approved the extension of the search for an Engineering Research and Data Services Librarian.

There was continued discussion about recruiting diverse pools for faculty and AP positions. EC will talk with Beth Woodard about a process for better articulating the processes that search committees should carry out.
3.                 Implementation of the Strategic Plan
David discussed the implementation process for the strategic plan (Library_Strategic_Initiatives_Final). David, Chris, and AULs initiated the process in May; they are identifying what steps have been taken and need to be taken, as well as items and issues for follow up. They will send this information out to AC and EC for review. They are planning on establishing a website to summarize the initiatives and the steps being taken. This will updated twice a year.

4.           Replacement Member for User Education Committee
EC identified a replacement for a member of the User Ed Committee who was stepping down.
5.                 Membership for USAC
EC identified the membership for the newly constituted User Services Advisory Committee.

6.           Introduction of Jim Dohle (Director of IT Production Services)
Beth Sandore introduced Jim Dohle to EC and discussed the new organizational structure for Library IT. A question was asked about what the state of ITPRWG was; Beth reported that it was disbanded. Paula encouraged IT and Beth to consider establishing an advisory group parallel to the USAC for Sue and CDC for Tom.

7.           AULS – Review Process

Beth Sandore and Lynne Rudasill met with Scott Gill (RTG) to discuss a potential process for improved AUL reviews. It was observed that the current process seems less structured and timely than it had been in the past; it was also noted that a potential problem with the current review process is that much of the feedback is based on critical incidents (i.e. one event is shaping the feedback rather than a more holistic evaluative review). Also, the comments of those that work most closely with the AULs is not specifically sought. There was not an agreement on whether we should move forward with Scott Gill’s suggested process; Paula and the AULs will meet to discuss this further and bring back to EC.