September 30, 2013 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 30, 20131:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.        2-2:30-Karen Hogenboom, Sarah Williams – Data Services Committee
2.        Approve Minutes from September 23
3.        Question Time
4.        Agenda items for next meeting with AULs
5.        Humanities Hub



Parking Lot:

  • Discussion with Beth Sandore and Sarah Williams about trends that they see in the area of EResearch particularly in the Humanities
  • Review Process for Law Library Faculty with new Law Librarian

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; John Wagstaff, Secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom; Recording-Kim Matherly


1.        2-2:30-Karen Hogenboom, Sarah Williams – Data Services Committee (DSC)
The Data Services Committee started in 2008 as a task force, basically set up to run the partnership we had with ATLAS. The roles expanded into running the data purchase program, doing workshops and other things. The
e-Research Committee came later, starting as a task force about a year ago. The committees have been running parallel, with charges that aren’t that different. The charge for the DSC needed to be clearer. Karen and Sarah presented an updated charge for DSC, to EC.

EC approved the charge and it will be posted to the committee website.
2.        Approve Minutes from September 23
Minutes were approved by a motion from Mary Laskowski, seconded by Nancy O’Brien.
3.        Question Time
Everything was approved in the hiring plan and now we need to prioritize the searches. EC will talk with the AULs about prioritization at the next meeting.

EC continued to discuss ways to make the Library’s position descriptions stronger, especially in terms of research.

There was also discussion regarding what is reasonable for Library faculty to do in terms of teaching. EC will look at providing some clear guidance on this issue.
A question was asked regarding search waivers for a couple of visiting positions. John noted that these issues have to be settled on a case-by-case basis: it’s not really possible to have general guidelines.

a.  Residency Program
Assuming we have the financial ability to do this, John Wilkin would like to create a research librarian residency program. This would be a good way to get grad students/post docs/others introduced to the profession. This program would support aspirational projects and areas that librarians would like to explore. It might consist of two, two-year positions and would increase our flexibility and introduce some agility in the kinds of things librarians are doing. The residents would know that the position ends after two years and that there would be no extension. John Wilkin has talked to Provost Adesida and Barb Wilson and they are supportive of the idea.

EC also supported the idea.
4.        Agenda items for next meeting with AULs
Prioritize positions from hiring plan.

5.        Humanities Hub
EC would like to move forward with appointing an implementation team. The plan is that room 1 will be ready for CAM (currently in room 220, which was the subject of some discussion in the Humanities Hub report) to move into by fall 2014, so the planning for the future Hub should start now.

John Wilkin will engage Sue Searing to draft a charge for the implementation team and a suggestion for membership and John will present it at a future EC meeting. He will also address the issue at his Open Forum on October 18

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