September 28, 2015 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

September 28, 20151:30 pm - 3:30 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.   1:30-2 – AULs, Greg – RDS/Business Office Data Analyst position
2.   2-2:30 – AULs
a.   Budget reduction and implementation and how that’s going – complaints about hours, other things
3.   2:30-2:45 – Cindy Kelly – Background checks
4.   3:00-3:30 – User Services Transition Plans
5.   Approve minutes from September 14
6.   Question Time
7.   PRC for Faculty member
8.   Applications – Interim Head, RIS
9.   Budget planning for next year
10.  Job description

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Kirstin Dougan, vice-chair; JoAnn Jacoby, secretary; Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Sarah Williams; Visitors – Greg Knott, Beth Namachchivaya, Tom Teper; Recording – Kim Matherly


1. 1:30-2 – AULs, Greg – RDS/Business Office Data Analyst position

EC talked with Greg and the AULs regarding what they thought the position would be responsible for. Greg would like this position to help do report building in the Library Business Office (LBO) and help retrieve useful information from Banner.

The Office of Research would like this position to help with services such as Illinois Research Connection to help them extract information from Banner and put into a form that can be loaded elsewhere. This position could also be used in Collections, with Assessment, and with the WebTeam.

There was discussion about the best title for the position. Beth has worked with another individual on campus with similar responsibilities. Tom and Greg will talk to this person and see if his duties are closely related to the things the Library needs from this position. A search committee was suggested.


2. 2-2:30 – AULs

     a. Budget reduction and implementation and how that’s going – complaints about hours, other things

It was decided to postpone the budget reduction discussion until the new AUl for User Services has started on October 5. It will be put on the next EC/AUL agenda.

EC did discuss how some of the cuts are affecting their areas. Some are having issues with coverage, when a student isn’t available for their shift, due to the reduction in student staffing.

The Library has transferred funds to Public Safety to fund security guards for the next year. After that, Public Safety will be responsible for funding security guards, though the service is likely to wind down. Another thing the Library will implement are new card access doors at the north, south and east entrances, which will contribute to safety in the building after hours.


3. 2:30-2:45 – Cindy Kelly – Background checks

The Board of Trustees has mandated that the University will conduct background checks on the majority of new employees, and in some cases, when employees are making a job change. These checks were scheduled to be implemented for all new hires on and after October 5. The Interim Chancellor, Barbara Wilson sent a mass email stating that the implementation may now change after November 1, 2015, in response to the Faculty Senate concerns.

The policy states, “Commencing on October 5, 2015, offers of employment to prospective new hires, as well as offers to current employees who are seeking to transition into a position that requires a background check, will be made contingent upon the results of the criminal background check and other pre-employment assessments. The purpose of these background checks is to ascertain the suitability for employment.”

This new policy impacts our hiring for new faculty, specialized faculty, academic professionals, civil service, academic hourly, extra help and retiree rehires. NOT subject to background checks are graduate assistants, graduate hourlies, nor undergraduate student employees (unless working in a security sensitive position or with minors). The most significant change to our hiring practices will be that new employees will NOT be able to start employment until the background check is cleared.

In order to ensure that everyone understands the new policy, Library Human Resources is offering informational sessions for all who are interested. Cindy strongly encourages all supervisors to attend an information session. These are open sessions for any interested employees. The sessions will be brief, not more than 30 to 45 minutes with time for questions.


4. 3:00-3:30 – User Services Transition Plans

JoAnn discussed the plans to fill her current position on an interim basis, until a permanent replacement can be hired. The proposed coverage reduces the scope of the Head responsibilities so that they can be covered on an interim basis. Separate coverage has already been identified for some responsibilities related to training and coordination of the Main/Undergrad Reference Hub. Currently the staff in Research and Information Services include Carissa Phillips (Faculty), Sarah Christensen (AP), Jessica Moyer (Visiting Faculty), an academic hourly employee (hired when Mark Wardecker left), Wendy Gregory (Library Operations Associate), and 10 grad assistants (FTE 3.75). A position covering the duties of the visiting position was put forward in the February hiring plan and that was approved. A screening committee has been appointed for a potential spousal hire candidate for the permanent Head position.

Other personnel issues were discussed.

5. Approve minutes from September 14

Minutes were approved with changes by a motion from Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Mary Laskowski.


6. Question Time

The Mellon Grant that John has been working on with GSLIS, African American Studies and IPRH was granted and a press release has gone to Mellon for review. In the hiring plan, a research programmer position was approved contingent on the award of the grant from Mellon. We will move forward to hire that position.

Google docs is now being made available to use with UIUC netids. John asked members of EC to sign up for this, as he plans to send documents for review through this application.

John met with Vikram Amar, Dean of Law and Faye Jones to discuss the Library’s MOU with Law. There are several things regarding ABA requirements and Law School bylaws that Law needs to work out before this can proceed. John will continue to have conversations with Law.


7. PRC for faculty member (Kelsey Cheshire – Behavioral Sciences Librarian)

Names were suggested.


8. Applications – Interim Head, RIS

An applicant was approved and will be contacted.


9. Budget planning for next year

Deferred to another meeting.


10. (Braxton) Job description

Deferred to another meeting.