November 9, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 9, 20201:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




November 9, 2020


Zoom Meeting




  1. Approve minutes – November 2, 2020
  2. Question Time
  3. DEIA Task Force Charge
  4. Feedback on Use of Faculty Meetings
  5. Annual Review of Directors
  6. 2-2:30 AUL’s/Director

Minutes Details




November 9, 2020

1:30-3:00 pm

Zoom Conference Call


EC Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); William Maher (Vice-Chair); Dan Tracy (Secretary); Mara Thacker, Mary Laskowski, David Ward, Kelli Trei, Jennifer Teper, and Peg Burnette. Lucretia Williams; Recording


Guest Attendees: Chris Prom, Sara Holder, and Tom Teper


Meeting Document: DEIA Task Force Charge


  1. Minutes – The November 2, 2020 EC meeting minutes were approved upon the motion by Bill Maher and second by Mara Thacker.


  1. Question Time – Dean Wilkin updated EC on the following:


  • Dean Wilkin attended the Council of Deans meeting, which included a discussion of the rise of COVID cases on campus and encouraging people to work remotely where possible.
  • There was a discussion of the survey of students that helped to understand that many students will return after the break. Provost Cangellaris talked about the many good reasons that students would have to come back. Compliance with testing is required for those who will be on campus.
  • There is still a holding pattern on the budget. All signs show that there will be a significant reduction, and this is across the board.
  • Dean Wilkin encouraged everyone to attend the Library Virtual Hangout on Thursday, November 12, 2020.
  • BTAA update: Maurice York is leading the B1G collection initiative and it is moving forward. Soon we should see some proposed work areas, where we will begin to build the B1Gcollection. We continue to work with BTAA and California Digital Library on data analysis related to transformative agreements. The data regarding likely costs are encouraging.
  • David Ward updated EC on the Fall break schedule:
    1. Grainger and Undergrad will be closed the Sunday after fall break; November 29, 2020. They will be open early in the week. Marshall Gallery will no longer have Saturday hours after fall break.
  • Campus has noted that while the majority of returning students did not express a strong desire for study space; there were enough students saying they wanted additional study space in the Union and Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) and they are going to continue operations to do that, which also suggests that the library should continue our study space.



  1. DEIA Task Force Charge – The Library Executive Committee, after conferring with LSSC and LCAP, amended and approved the charge for a two-year DEIA Task Force proposed by chairs of the Diversity Committee, Organization Development & Training Advisory Committee, and other stakeholders. Taskforce members were appointed by EC. Lucretia Williams will invite the appointed of their willingness to serve on the DEIA Task Force Committee and then report back to EC.


  1. Feedback on use of Faculty Meetings – This topic was tabled and will be discussed the next EC meeting on Monday, November 23, 2020.


  1. Annual Review of Directors — Two director members of EC were excused during this discussion. EC began discussing how directors should do annual reviews. This topic was tabled for further discussion at the next meeting.


  1. 2:30 – 3:00 AULs /Directors –


     Chris Prom –

  • We have hired a new repository programmer on the SCARS group starting November 16. Three other Civil Service exempt positions are in process.
  • The Mentoring and Evaluation Task Force charged last spring has met but put its work on hold due to the pandemic and feeling like this was a bad time to change PRC structures.
  • The Communication 9 Task Force on campus has continued its work and will submit recommendations late this semester or early next semester. It will likely necessitate the library reviewing its own P&T guidelines.
  • Bruce Schatz is working with the Center for Social and Behavior Research on a biometrics study for prediction of COVID.


     David Ward –

  • Instruction sessions are continuing.  The second one, themed on marketing and outreach to campus teaching faculty, will take place on Thursday, 11/19, from 3-4:30pm
  • The Machine Learning/AI group will present at the Dean’s hangout this Thursday
  • The UGL/Main Library integration working group that Sara Holder and I chair had its first meeting Thursday.  We are. Planning out subgroups over the next two weeks


     Sara Holder – No updates to report to EC.


     Tom Teper –

E-Research Management Librarian Search – interviews start this Wednesday and continue next week.


FY21/FY22 Materials Budgets

  • FY21 – ok.
  • FY22 – We have funds in our Inflation Pool and other Central Funds that should cover increases for one year.
  • FY23 – Starting discussions in CDC to identify resources we could cancel if there was a need to do so in order to cover the ca. $560,000 in inflation we anticipate.


In ACS, we are investigating expanded shelf ready options for Spring 2021.


Esra has been working on data requests for IPEC/ACRL. The only weird thing about this is that they are currently asking only for “unique” uses of e-resources. We can’t report that based on the way that the data is gathered. We can report all data with a paragraph explaining why….


Contracts and Licensing:

  • Elsevier’s Pure License is in the works. We have finished a one-year license and are looking at a three-year license for the renewal. The annual increase that we are looking at is 1.5%
  • Elsevier’s ScienceDirect License…. We are finishing the fourth of five years on the current contract. Elsevier approached us about extending the contact for an additional year with a 0% price increase for this year. We are working with Elsevier and trying to have that 0% increase pushed out to next year rather than this one since we are anticipating a tighter budget down the road.
  • Karger – We have just received a verbal proposal to pilot a one-year Read and Publish agreement. There will be no price increase with this.
  • BTAA Licenses/Items
    • SpringerNature – let’s just say that SN is no reading the room very well right now. Everything appears to be situation normal for them, which means high prices for new titles and significant increases.
    • Sage – not too bad….
    • Clarivate – Original proposal was not very compelling. BTAA asked to go back to the drawing board. New proposal is… better.
    • Middle Eastern – Nascent discussion starting tomorrow related to Middle Eastern Collecting.
    • ProQuest – Completing DEI analysis of ebooks across the schools.



  • Planning to kick off the promotion process for the next year. Information sessions will be coming in early December.


Library Building Project

  • Drafting Website for next steps in process. Discussing with Bill, Lynne, and Joanne tomorrow.
  • Program Statement is on the street right now. With closing date coming up shortly (November 12).



     Mary Laskowski –

  • The Assistant Dean search is moving forward with five finalists, beginning next Wednesday, November 18th.
  • Planning is ongoing for large-scale collection management projects (BTAA Shared Print Repository) in relation to the pandemic.
  • I’m meeting with the final two divisions this week in my new role as Director of Library Fulfillment.
  • I’ve been working with many patron and staff on questions and planning for services after November 20th.
  • Cherie Weible provided some statistics on Marshall Gallery locker pickups, so to give a sense of scale in the month of October 487 patrons picked up 797 items through that service.


Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm




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