May 27, 2014 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 27, 20141:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1. 1.30-2 p.m. — Discussion with AULs

2. Approve Minutes from May 19

3. Question Time

4. Discuss Web/CMS Project Charter (Chris)

5. PRC for faculty member

6. PRC (full) for faculty member

7. Unretreat reports summary

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-Chair; John Wagstaff, Secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom; Recording: John Wagstaff

Present for item 1: Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, and Tom Teper


1. 1:30-2:00 AULs

Several items were discussed, as follows:

(i) though not a part of the portfolio of the AULs, the topic of hiring and HR generally brought up the lack of deadlines for recent postings from Library HR. Tom agreed to follow up on this.

(ii) Library Update session of May 21 – a successful event, with good turnout from across the library.

(iii) hiring – Tom will send out his usual monthly academic hiring update to LIBNEWS at the beginning of June. In future, questions for interview candidates will have to be formulated by search committees in advance. A question was asked about current rules for recruiting/hiring foreign nationals; EC will receive an update about this at a future meeting.

(iv) NSM: the Archives project is moving along. Nothing else to report at this time.

2. Minutes of meeting of May 19

These were approved with the following amendment:

Under item 7, “Unit Heads two-year review”, amend to read:

“John Wilkin will meet with those unit heads who are subject to evaluation under the review process instituted on January 1, 2009 at the time of their two-year review (see documentation at”

Acceptance proposed by Mary Laskowki, seconded by Nancy O’Brien.

3. Question Time

(i) AUL for IT: EC approved the job description for this position on the understanding that a couple of remaining issues over wording will be ironed out.

(ii) John Wilkin expressed disappointment at the fact that we had had a lower than expected number of applicants for one position. We need to generally improve our performance in this area.

(iii) John Wilkin reminded EC that in the budget we committed to performing a library faculty salary study; he also reminded the provost and at his most recent meeting requested assistance from the Provost’s Office.

(iv) A “shared repository” item is on the agenda of this week’s CIC Directors’ meeting.

(v) Where are we with the AUL evaluation process? EC assigned teams of two persons to work on writing up the evaluations for the three AULS. Deadline for this part of the process is Monday, June 2. EC also needs to deal with the Dean of Libraries’ evaluation.

4. Web/CMS Project Charter

Chris Prom gave a report. Things are moving along in regard to getting teams set up, and the project started.

5. PRC for new Faculty member

Names were discussed, and those concerned will be contacted.

6. PRC for a full professor application

Again, names were put forward, and those concerned will be contacted.