May 19, 2014 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 19, 20149:00 am - 12:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  9-9:30-Greg Knott – Travel Form
2.                  Approve Minutes from April 28
3.                  Question Time
4.                  Unretreat – Instruction
5.                  Coverage for sabbatical
6.                  Digital Repository Management Team
7.                  Unit Heads-two-year review
8.                  Full FRC (4) and PTA (6)
9.                  Administrative Restructuring

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Bill Mischo, vice-chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper; Recording: John Wagstaff


1. Travel Form

Greg Knott presented this item. The new travel form, “Request for Travel Authorization,” will be required for travel on university business outside Champaign County. It will be circulated more widely this week. The form needs to be completed regardless of whether travel reimbursement is being sought.

2. Approve Minutes from April 28

Approved without amendment. Proposed by Jennifer Teper, seconded by Mary Laskowski.

3. Question Time

(i) Hiring. It was decided that Beth Woodard need not attend EC each month to give a hiring update, unless she herself thinks it necessary.

(ii) Faculty. The library now has two more full professors (Lori Mestre and Sue Searing). Heidi Imker (new Head of Research Data Services) has been appointed as Associate Professor with tenure.

(iii) Business items for the first “Library Update” session on May 21. John Wilkin set out his ideas for Wednesday’s meeting, to include budget, the Untreat, and administrative restructuring.

(iv) John Wilkin reported on his attendance at the recent ARL directors’ meeting, and will send out some slides from that meeting. The CIC Directors’ meeting is next week, and he’ll be at that too.

(v) AUL for IT position description. No decision was taken on the relationship between the person to be appointed and Digital Content Creation. Clear articulation in the position description of the five-year review process for AULs and unit heads need to be included.

4. Unretreat: Instruction

There was general approval of the report and its recommendations. EC will encourage the User Education Committee to pursue the action points from the report, and Bill Mischo will write to them on this basis.

5. Coverage sabbatical

EC took decisions on how best to cover a sabbatical leave, and various individuals will be contacted.

6. Digital Repository Management Team

John Wilkin generally likes the current iteration of the Team’s paper. He would like to move things forward. EC had a few concerns, and John will take these to the Team when he meets with them.

7. Unit Heads two-year review

John Wilkin will meet with those unit heads who are subject to evaluation under the review process instituted on January 1, 2009 at the time of their two-year review (see documentation at

8. Full FRC (4) and PTA (6)

Names were suggested, and will be contacted.

9. Administrative Restructuring

John Wilkin has asked the AULs to put together some documentation about their respective areas of responsibility. Decisions need to be taken about the best way for librarians and units to report to the AULs. John will bring this matter to EC, and then to the wider library community, for discussion. It is important to foster and cultivate our “faculty-ness” and sense of shared governance and responsibility; but John also wants more formal structural organization of the library. He hopes to bring a discussion paper to EC before July 2014.

10. Parking Lot and other items not formally listed on the meeting agenda

The following non-agenda items were discussed:

(i) Web/CMS update

Chris is drawing up a specification for how this project will be done. Chris himself will be working half-time on the project. He will give a further report at the Library Update on May 21. EC raised several points about personnel and about the way the project will operate.

(ii) Review of “librarianship” portion of the library’s Promotion and Tenure documentation

We need to return to this item – it is important that we set out concrete criteria as to how to judge what is, and is not, satisfactory. Taking a look at the criteria used to judge the teaching of academic faculty might be a good place to start. PTAC continues to work on these issues, and has a meeting next week. Once PTAC produces its report, EC will discuss further.




[Items agreed by e-mail in advance of the meeting:

1. Emerita status for a faculty member: agreed unanimously

2. Agenda items for meeting with AULs on May 27: one item proposed, but deferred. No other items.]