July 15, 2021 Meeting of Outreach and Engagement Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

July 15, 20211:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Agenda Details


  1. Outreach and Engagement Assessment – with special guest Jen-Chien Yu, Director or Library Assessment
    1. Best practices for assessment
      1. What type of data (quantitative/qualitative) and for what purpose?
      2. How to gather the data
      3. Where to record/track
    2. Ways to utilize Desk Tracker for library outreach and assessment activities?
    3. Assessing OEC’s in-house programming
    4. Other questions FOR Jen or FROM Jen?
  2. Approve May minutes (attached)
    1. Action Item from previous meeting – everyone review and submit comments to Janis
  3. Approve June minutes (attached)
  4. Outstanding Public Engagement Award – Congratulations to Mara!
  5. OEC Grant – launched last week on LibNews
    1. Action items from previous meeting
      1. Janis and Sarah wrap up final documents – done
      2. Shelby will email Dean Wilkin – done
      3. Shelby will create an event for office hours – done
    2. Who will attend office hours? Wednesday, July 21, 1pm
      1. 2-3 OEC members needed, others can host office hours at beginning of fall and spring semesters
    3. Other ways to promote grant?
  6. Upcoming OEC programming:
    1. July 21, 1pm: OEC Grant office hours
    2. August 9, 11am: Article Reading Group – Assessment (Shelby)
    3. September TBD: Skill Up Session – Reach out to Deb Seiler (Sarah)
    4. October TBD: Reading Group (Chris)
    5. November TBD: Skill Up Session with JJ (Mara)
    6. December TBD: Reading Group (Sarah)
  7. Other business
    1. New members – still waiting on names from Area Studies (Mara), Social Science (Lisa), Special Collections (Joanne Kaczmarek – Shelby will follow up); already heard from Arts and Humanities
      1. After names have been submitted, Shelby will submit to EC for final approval
    2. Future OEC meetings – remain 100% virtual, or move to a hybrid format?
    3. Future OEC events – remain 100% virtual, or move to a hybrid format?

Minutes Details


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