January 6, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

January 6, 2020

Agenda Details


January 6, 2020
428 Library

1. Approve minutes – December 9
2. Question Time
3. 5Y External Reviewers
4. Agenda for AULs – January 13
5. PRC discussion
6. Proposal to update the Staff Development & Training Charge 2020
7. Strategic Framework Fund Proposal

Minutes Details




January 6, 2020


428 Library


Present: Dean Wilkin, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Lynne Rudasill, secretary (via telephone); Bill Mischo, Bill Maher, Jennifer Teper (recording), Paula Carns, Mara Thacker


  1. Approve minutes – the minutes from December 9, 2019 were approved by David Ward, and seconded by Jennifer Teper


  1. Question Time (Dean Wilkin) –
  • Work on the budget report progresses with the AULs, with a goal to share with EC by the 16th.
  • Greg Knott has left his position in the Library and Susan Edwards has stepped in to lead Library Finance with Skye Arseneau helping with leadership in Human Resources. Current leadership is strong in these areas and there is no rush to refill the Assistant Dean position, which gives us time to think about how to appropriately shape the position looking forward.
  • Discussed what committee appointments held by Greg need to be refilled and which can be left vacant at present.
  • Discussed the process and documentation for faculty requesting to be considered for full professor. Chris Prom is currently reviewing the full professor process and timetable posted online.
  • Discussed a request for information on the GA allocation process. The discussion was added to the 1/13 EC meeting, pending additional clarification on the request.


  1. 5Y Reviewers – Internal and external reviewers were discussed for two 5Y promotional cases.


  1. PTAC bylaws – Discussed the appointment of co-chairs for PTAC and that the Bylaws Committee should be charged to review our bylaws for committees that may have co-chairs, but are stated in the bylaws as only “chairperson”.


  1. Agenda for AULs – Discussed items for January 13th EC Agenda with the AULs.


  1. PRC – Discussed a replacement member for a PRC due to faculty resignation.


  1. Proposal to update the Staff Development & Training Charge 2020 – Discussed the proposed title change and charge of the committee. The proposed changes were approved.


  1. Strategic Framework Fund Proposal – One Strategic Planning Grant proposal was re-submitted to EC with revisions. The revisions were discussed and found to meet the requested clarifications and the proposal was accepted with one suggestion to broaden the scope of the partner membership.