February 3, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 3, 2020428 Main Library

Agenda Details




February 3, 2020


428 Library


  1. Approve minutes – January 27, 2020
  2. Question Time
  3. Agenda for AULs – 2/10
  4. Discussion position requests
  5. PRC Assignment 
  6. Interim Scholarly Commons
  7. Annual Review of the AULs 

Minutes Details




February 3, 2020


428 Library

Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); David Ward (Vice-Chair); Lynne Rudasill (Secretary); Paula Carns; William Maher; William Mischo; Jennifer Teper; Lynne Thomas; Lucretia Williams and Lynne Rudasill (Recording)



  1. Minutes


Minutes of the January 27 meeting were approved with changes upon the motion by Lynne Thomas and second by William Maher


  1. Question Time


Some minor corrections were made to the position announcement for the AUL for User Services.  These will be reflected in a follow-up announcement.


A question was asked as related to a review of the effectiveness of the structure and organization of the current configuration of AUL roles, including how their other duties have been distributed when possible.


The Dean reported that the budget document had been submitted to the Provost’s office.


Heather Murphy is working on the next issue of Friendscript which will have a significant amount of text related to the special collections facility and specifically the first step of creating a vault, and information on the Board of Advocates, which has been developed to contribute strategy for the Library’s capital campaign. The Board of Advocates is providing support for the proposed vault for special collections.


In response to a question about how the last town hall on the building project went it was noted that there was a lot of concern about “books in the cellar” and an effort was made to explain the planned vault in the facility.  The biggest piece of news occurred when the Provost was encouraged to name a “round number” for the cost of the entire building project.  He said that he would not be surprised if the total project cost $200M, covering all of the work including demolition of the old stacks, reconfiguring the Main Library, associated mechanical costs and additional construction in the Main Library, as well as turning the current Undergraduate Library into a building for special collections.  The funding would include monies from deferred maintenance from Facilities and Services, capital funding, gifts and other streams as well.  The Provost went on to say that committing to funding initial steps would indicate that the University Administration has “some skin in the game”.

In response to another question it was noted that there are no definite plans for the vacated Information Desk area on the second floor of the Main Library at this time other than additional study space.  The wiring infrastructure around the former service point will need to be dealt with prior to any decisions being made on the future use of that area.


  1. Agenda for AULs – 2/10/2020


In addition to several regular updates and reports, a couple of issues were identified.


  1. Discussion of UGL position requests 


David Ward brought a proposal for the future staffing of the Undergraduate Library to the EC.  The unit will not exist as it does today when the building project begins to take shape, but the services provided to undergraduates will still need to be offered.  Assessment of these services is highly emphasized on campus through the new Campus Strategic Plan and a variety of other initiatives. The EC felt generally favorable to David’s plan, with the details to be worked out and articulated in the near future.


  1. PRC Assignment


A Peer Review Committee assignment.


  1. Interim Head Scholarly Commons


The Executive Committee recommended that an open call for Interim Head of the Scholarly Commons be announced in the Library.  The EC asked that Heidi Imker be charged with bringing the call to the EC based on the current description of the position.


  1. Annual Review of the AULs


A timetable for the annual review of the AULs was proposed as follows:

  • John Wilkin will contact them to ask for annual reports by 2/28/2020
  • Lucretia will work with IT to post the reports on a secure server as close as possible to that date
  • David Ward, on behalf of the EC, will send a call for feedback to the Library faculty and staff with a deadline of 3/13/2020
  • EC will write the reviews which will be provided to the Dean by 4/3/2020.


The review of the Dean was also mentioned, but the EC is waiting for word from the Provost’s Office related to the timeline for the annual review of the Dean.  This issue has been placed in the parking lot until that time and special meetings will need to be set up for the process.