February 11, 2013 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

February 11, 20131:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.                  1:30 – Beth Woodard-update on searches
2.                 Approve minutes from February 4
3.                 Question Time 
4.                 AULs agenda for March 4 meeting
5.                 Changes to the tenure review process
6.                 Hiring plan

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff, David Ward; Visitor-Beth Woodard; Recording-Kim Matherly


1.       1:30-Beth Woodard – update on searches

Every position from last year’s hiring plan has at least been advertised.


Beth reviewed the status of other searches. She asked for a chair to be recommended for one of the searches.


The Veterinary Medicine Librarian candidate is returning for a second site visit on March 4 and the History candidates are coming the week of March 4 (most likely March 4 and 8).


Beth will be doing the training to be able to submit Library positions to the ARL data bank of professional job announcements. She will come to EC in the summer to do a demonstration.


2.       Approve minutes from February 4
Minutes were approved with changes. Nancy O’Brien made a motion, seconded by Mary Laskowski to accept the minutes as amended.
3.       Question Time
As a member of the Library Dean Search Committee, Chris asked about the Library’s relationship with the University Press. Bill Regier has a zero time appointment in the Library.

Nancy announced that she will be submitting an application to EC for a zero time appointment for another faculty member.

David Ward, Tom Teper, Beth Woodard, Cindy Kelly and Donna Hoffman are meeting today to discuss what needs to be done to move title changes forward.

Nancy O’Brien, Sue Searing and Tom Teper have agreed to serve as P&T editors this year.

4.       AULs agenda for March 4 meeting
Illinois History and Lincoln Collections NSM
AUL review survey – goals due 2/15.
5.       Changes to the tenure review process
EC discussed the pros and cons of changing the process. It was determined there needs to be a set of expectations for the PRCs. Carissa and Lynne will work on a set of expectations and bring them back to EC for review.

Chris will talk to FRC about the librarianship component and ask them to focus on outcomes and impact.

The current document has been tabled and EC will pursue other avenues for fine-tuning the review process.

6.       Hiring plan

The plan is ready to send out to LibFac.