December 19, 2019 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 19, 2019

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 12/19/19

  1. Approve minutes
  2. Liaison reports and updates
  • Room Reservation/Calendar update for Spring
  1. Meeting with Dean
  2. Building Project staff event
  3. Planning for ALA
  • Review Bylaws
  • Other news, comments, updates

Minutes Details


Sarah Bial (Arts & Humanities)

Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences & Engineering)

Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)

Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)

Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Jessica Sommers (Law)

Visiting – Bill Arvola (Law)


Welcome visiting prospective member Bill: Liaison representative seat is open for Law (Bill and Jessica expressed interest), and Social Sciences

  • Jessica accepted representative seat for Law

Approve November Minutes: Approved with minor corrections.

Liaison Reports and Updates…

Arts & Humanities: Nothing to report

Central Public Services: Working on Unit Policy Document.  Librarians were asked years ago to draft collections statements. These statements are out of date. Therefore, this will be re-visited.  Two faculty positions open: Visiting Government Information Librarian (phone interviews) and the GIS position.  Jim Hahn, Undergraduate Library, is leaving.  This position will be a new position.  Kirsten Feist filled a GA position.  Piper Martin reported that the first floor service point is on track to open Spring Semester.  There will be an Office for accessibility needs in this area.  There will be three public workstations around this area as well.  LCAP: Audit of AP positions is in progress.  LCAP has formal meetings and informal meetings.  It was mentioned that LSSC could meet with LCAP at an informal meeting, need to contact LCAP Chair (currently Trisha Lampron).

Undergraduate Library: stating January some of the Collection will be moved to  make it easy  for the transition to  New Building build to replace the Old  part of the Main STX  also  for this week the Library has  been open 24 hours and next year there will be no more Reserve  circulation services.


Law: Construction almost complete, will open access to stacks soon.

Life Sciences: The night Library Specialist 67% position formally held by Elisabeth Paulus (moved to Art & Architecture) has been filled.  Jennifer Vargo Hauser starts January 6, 2020.
Construction on first floor ACES for three offices will begin mid-late January.  Communication is good and there should be little to no disturbances.  There are signs alerting patrons about furniture relocation.

Physical Sciences and Engineering:  Did not meet.

  • Math: Conception design almost complete and taking bids in spring.  There might be a little disruption for patrons when scaffolding is in place.  With the stacks renovation, there will be material moving to Oak Street.  Therefore, they are accepting copies and duplicates.

Residence Hall: Laura the RHL librarian and Julia Cross are attending the Alma trainings in January for early adopters.  RHL will be starting the weeding process in January so that we will be able to consolidate from the four locations down to 2 in May.

We are researching ways to continue to service patrons in halls without a physical library such as book vending machines and hold shelves at front desks.


Special Collections: Subcommittee met with Tim Newman from Library Facilities on the building operation phases, cost estimates.  The upcoming fall 2020 exhibit on first floor will display campus special collections.

Technical Services:

Administrative Council:  Did not meet

Faculty Meeting: Bethany Anderson is the Natural and Applied Science Archivist.  David Ward reported that the Executive Committee met six times. The minutes were posted:

Joshua Lynch presented on Digital Heritage Hub (IDHH)

Clara Chu from the Mortenson Center did a Presentation on IMLS grant Proposal on Community-Library Inter-Action (CLIA): Libraries Impacting Social Transformation Introduction and Invitation to Participate. Here is a link to CLIA web site,



Meeting with AUL/Dean: Dean John Wilkin is willing to meet with LSSC with a prepared agenda

Building Project staff event: Approval granted for an informal staff-only discussion of the Library Building Project on January 14, 2020 from 11-1 in Room 428.  Anonymous feedback forms will be available.  Library funds for snacks declined.  Ben will send reminder of the event.  Kim will add to the staff calendar.  Ben will check with Tom Teper to see if we can display the design drawings or have printed copies.

Potluck with Diversity Committee in spring: Ben will follow up with Sarah Christensen.  From November Meeting:  Sarah Christensen is helping plan this, excitement for potluck event expressed. Details to be worked out in the future, possible May/June date, maybe at YMCA as last time, and idea of having a 2020 t-shirt fundraiser was expressed (with fun ideas from past t-shirts shared).

Review committee bylaws: Bylaws on the LSSC Committee page have a date of 2002.  They have been revised since then.  Ben is looking into where the revisions are located.  Erik will review the LSSC g drive.  All current committee members need to see if they have access…

Other news, comments, and updates: LSSC event with new employees’ event could be something for us to plan.  Also discussed was inviting visitors to LSSC meetings such as Tim Newman, Library Facilities; Library IT.

ALA in Chicago is coming up.  We will revisit this in January.  Room reservations for LSSC meetings in the spring – Erik will set this up.