August 10, 2015 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

August 10, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1. Approve Minutes from July 27
2. Question Time
3. Agenda – AULs at 8/24 meeting
4. Distinctions in Expectations and Responsibilities between Senior Library Specialist, Library Operations Associate, Academic Professional, and Library Faculty Positions
5. Revised Innovation Fund Application

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair, Kirstin Dougan, vice-chair; JoAnn Jacoby, secretary; Tim Cole, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Williams


1.                  Approve Minutes from July 27
Minutes were approved with changes by a motion from Kirstin Dougan, seconded by Sarah Williams.
2.                  Question Time
EC discussed unit head five-year reviews and whether the AUL assigned to those units should be spearheading the reviews. There is a document addressing Unit Head and AUL appointments and evaluations. EC will discuss this topic with the AULs at the next meeting.

John and EC received a letter from the Provost approving John’s annual review.

John talked to President Killeen today regarding the Chancellor’s resignation. There is a lot of chaos around this issue. John reinforced that the Library is in a good position. We are an outstanding Library. We do good work and have a strong organization. We are in good shape and have a strong organization going into a year of planning that situates us well. We had more positons approved from the hiring plan that John thought we would and that will help us to move forward and continue to build a strong Library.

John is hoping to get the AUL for User Services hired quickly, so there will be no need for an interim person. Beth Namachchivaya and Tom Teper will take on many of Sue Searing’s duties, for the time being. The AULs will discuss some of these plans at the next EC meeting.

Positions were discussed.

DRIVE (Diversity Realized at Illinois Through Visioning Excellence) – praised the Library for what we’ve accomplished. Those participating on a search committees must take the diversity education online tutorial. Last year 74% of Library search committee participants took the course.

3.                  Agenda – AULs at 8/24 meeting
Assignment of responsibilities for Sue’s duties – GAP, Permanent
Copyright Librarian
Beth – Restructuring of Scholarly Common’s duties
AULs leading the 5-year Head review for those who report to them
4.                  Distinctions in Expectations and Responsibilities between Senior Library Specialist, Library Operations Associate, Academic Professional, and Library Faculty Positions (after Specialized Faculty Forum on July 15, 2015)
The Forum was successful with a lot of positive feedback. The attendees would like another forum to continue conversation.

Regardless if we move forward, the Library needs promotional paths for APs, inside and outside of IT. The Library needs further conversation around the role specialize faculty play in the Library.

EC discussed whether the Bylaws need to be changed to accommodate specialized faculty, even if we don’t have any, to meet the requirements of Communications 25 & 26. John will talk to Katherine Galvin, Associate Provost, Administrative Affairs, to see if that is a requirement.
5.                  Revised Innovation Fund Application

EC feels this is an important area to focus on. They would like to see the three individuals that put forward the application, focus on phase one and then broaden the focus by involving the AULs and the User Experience Librarian to determine what the Library might do organizationally in the future.