April 6, 2016 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 6, 20161:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.   Approve minutes from March 28

2.   Question Time

3.   Agenda – AULs at 4/11 meeting.  

        a.  Next steps for items from the retreat

4.   Hahn Innovation Fund Report

5.   Web Team Strategy initial discussion


Documents relating to the April 6 meeting are available at G:\ExecutiveCommittee\Meeting Documents\2015-2016


Parking Lot:

  • Review/evaluation of committee charges

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Kirstin Dougan, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, secretary; Lori Mestre, Bill Mischo, Nancy O’Brien, Sarah Williams; Recording-Kim Matherly


1.   Approve minutes from March 28
Minutes were approved as amended by a motion from Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Mary Laskowski.

2.   Question Time
John, Donna Cox (Professor, School of Art & Design), and Kathleen Harleman (Director, Krannert Art Museum) will serve as the campus representatives for The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru). It is a partnership of over 30 institutions committed to ensuring the greatest possible institutional support for the full spectrum of arts and arts-integrative research, curricula, programs, and creative practice for the benefit of all students and faculty at research universities and the committees they serve.

John met with Jeff Christensen and Katherine Galvin about security guards in the Library. Moving the guards to Public Safety was initiated before John came in 2013. John emphasized the importance of security to the Library, and Christensen is supportive of us and our orientation towards security. The focus will continue to be on continuity of security. John’s position is that the resources should be in Public Safety, as they are the experts in providing security for the campus, and Public Safety should decide the best way to provide security in the Library.

Though some libraries rely heavily on security guards for closing procedures, some libraries with similar needs have never used security guards to do sweeps when closing. We need to figure out the best way to separate our needs for Public Safety and security from things not related, like behaviors around food and closing, and keep those conversations going as the Public Safety services evolve.

Budget – the Library submitted the budget. Our hearing has been moved to 4/13. John met with the Senate Committee on the Library. They are supportive and will be writing a letter, about supporting the Library and collections, to the Provost before our budget hearing. Once the hearing has occurred the budget document will be released to the Library at large.

Two personnel issue were discussed.

Advancement’s goal for new business was ambitious, $5 million. The Library will surpass the goal despite the climate and issues. Kudos to Scott Koeneman and his team. This speaks to their hard work and the value of the Library.

A question was asked about appointing short-term task forces within established committees and whether EC wants to be part of that process. EC would like to be notified when this happens in order to gauge individual commitments as other appointments are made, but doesn’t need to be part of the membership process.

3.   Agenda – AULs at 4/11 meeting
a.   Next steps for items from the retreat
b.   Hiring plan
4.   Hahn Innovation Fund Report
EC accepted the final report and acknowledged the lessons learned for everyone. The group should move forward and continue in areas where there are available resources. Anything that needs a significant investment will need more discussion and should come back to EC with a proposal.

5.   Web Team Strategy initial discussion

John has discussed taking a more aggressive strategy for the web transition with Suzanne Chapman, Chris Prom, and Tom Habing (for Jim Dohle). They will provide a document for consideration and the document will be posted for comment.