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The S-Collection periodicals are a collection composed of review and scholarly children’s literature journals and entertaining children’s magazines. Current issues of print periodicals are located in the S-Collection (Room 112, Main Library) of the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL). Older issues can be found in the Oak Street Storage Facility or Main Stacks. To verify the location of an item, search for the journal in the Library Catalog. If you require assistance locating an item, please ask for assistance at the SSHEL Information Desk. To locate additional magazines for children, check with the Urbana Free Library and Champaign Public Library.

Websites have been provided as additional information; however, this does not mean that each journal with a website will have full-text online.

Additional Related Websites (links to e-journals of children’s literature) have been included as additional places to look regarding children’s literature research.

Review & Scholarly Journals About Children’s Literature

* : Includes book reviews

ALAN Review: Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English
Print: 1989, 1993-
Online: 1994-

S.028.05 AP
* Appraisal (Quarterly)
Print: 1967-2000 CEASED in 2000

Book Links
Print: 1991-
Online: 2002-

Print: 1957-1959 and 1963-(incomplete)
Online: 2008-

Print: 1905-
Online: 1993-

028.05 CH
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (Monthly)
Print: 1947-
Online: 2005-

010.971 C629
CM Magazine: Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries
Print: Vols. 9-22 (1981-1994) – CEASED in 1994
Online: Vols. 1-2 and 11-22 (1971-1972 and 1983-1994 : incomplete) – CEASED in 1994
Alternate Title: CM: A Reviewing Journal of Canadian Materials for Young People
Previous Title: In Search of Canadian Materials
Later Title: CM: Canadian Review of Materials

No Print Holdings Available at UIUC – Electronic Access Only
CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
Online: 1995-
Previous Title: CM: Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries

Canadian Children’s Literature / Littérature Canadienne pour la Jeunesse
Print: 1975-2001 – CEASED in 2001
Later Title: Jeunesse : Young People, Texts, Cultures

027.62505 CH
Children & Libraries
Previous Title: Journal of Youth Services in Libraries
Print: 2003-
Online: 2003-

Children’s Book Review Service
Print: Vols. 1-29 (1972-2000) – CEASED in 2000

Children’s Books History Society Newsletter
Print: Vols. 52-78 (1995-2004 : incomplete)

Children’s Literature Abstracts
Print: Vols. 1-104 (1973-1999) – CEASED in 1999

Children’s Literature Association Quarterly (Quarterly)
Print: 1982-
Online: 1976-

Children’s Literature in Education
Print: Vols. 1-31 (1970-2004 : incomplete) – Print CANCELED 2004
Online: 1970-

Children’s Magazine Guide
Print: Vols. 34-62 (1981- 2010) – Print CEASED in 2010

S.028.5505 FI
* Five Owls (Bimonthly/Quarterly)
Print: Vols. 1-18 (1987-2004) – CEASED in 2004

Horn Book Magazine (Bimonthly)
Print: 1924-

No Print Holdings Available at UIUC – Electronic Access Only
Imagine (5/yr)
Print: 1996-99

International Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship
Print: 1995-

Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures
Print: Vols. 1.2-4.1 (2009-2012 : incomplete)
Online: 2009 –

Journal of Youth Services in Libraries
Print: Vols. 1-15 (1987-2002) – CEASED in 2002
Online: 1998-2002 – CEASED in 2002
Previous Title: Top of the News
Split Into: Children & Libraries and Young Adult Library Services

The Lion and the Unicorn (3/yr.)
Print: Vols. 1-33 (1977-2009) – Print CANCELLED 2009
Online: 1977-

No Print Holdings Available at UIUC – Electronic Access Only
Marvels and Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies
Online: 2001-

New Advocate
Print: Vols. 1-16 (1988-2003) – CEASED in 2003

S.028.505 PE
* Perspectives
Print: 1986-1991

No Print Holdings Available at UIUC – Electronic Access Only
Research on Diversity in Youth Literature (RDYL)
Online: 2018-

School Library Journal
Print: 1954-
Online: 1974-

School Library Media Quarterly
Print: 1982-1997 – Print CEASED in 1997
Online: 1983-
Split Into: Knowledge Quest (Print) and School Library Media Quarterly Online (Online)

S.792.02205 Se1L
Secondary School Theatre Journal 
Print: Vols. 13-24.1 (1973-1985)

VOYA: Voice of Youth Advocates
Print: 1978-
Online: 1997-2011

Young Adult Library Services
Print: 2002-
Online: 2004-

S.792.0226 Y88
Youth Theatre Journal (Quarterly)
Print: 1986-2011 – Print CANCELLED 2011
Online: 1997-

Magazines for Children

* : Includes book reviews

S.805 CHL
Child Life: the Children’s Magazine
Print: Vols. 6-86.4 (1927-2007) – CEASED in 2007
Online: Vols. -73-86.4 (1994-2007) – CEASED in 2007
Merged With: Jack & Jill in 2007

S.805 CH
Children’s Digest (8/yr.)
Print: Vols. 1-59 (1950-2007 : incomplete) – CEASED in 2009
Online: Vols. 44-59 (1994-2009) – CEASED in 2009
Merged With: Jack & Jill in 2009

S.805 CR
Cricket (Monthly)
Print: 1973-
Online: 1990-

S.813.05 EB
Ebony, Jr.! 
Print: Vols. 3-7 (1978-85 – microform) – CEASED in 1986

S.791.4505 EL
Electric Company Magazine (Monthly)
Print: Vols. 27-146 (1976-1988) – CEASED in 1988
Later Title: Kid City

S.306.05 FA
Faces (9/yr.)
Print: Vols. 1.8- (1985- : incomplete)
Online: Vols. 9.5- (1993- )

Footsteps: African American History
Print: 2000-2006 – CEASED in 2006

F.973.0496073 H212
Harambee: a Newspaper for Young Readers that Focuses on the African-American Experience
Print: Vols. 4-7.2 (1992-1996 : incomplete)

S.050 HI
Highlights for Children (Monthly)
Print: Vols. 27- (1972- : incomplete)
Online: 1993-

S.805 JA
Jack and Jill

Print: Vols. 1-61, 66, and 74 (1939-1998, 2004, 2012 : incomplete)
Online: 1993-

S.791.4505 KI
Kid City 
Print: Vols. 1-127 (1988-2001)
Previous Title: Electric Company Magazine

S.808.899282 M972
Print: Vols. 1- (1997- : incomplete)

New Moon: the Magazine for Girls and their Dreams
Print: Vols. 3-15 (1996-2008 : incomplete) – CEASED in 2008
Online: Vols. 3.6-15 (1996-2008) – CEASED in 2008
Later Title: New Moon Girls

New Moon Girls
Print: Vols. 16- (2008- )
Online: Vols. 16- (2008- )
Previous Title: New Moon Girls

S.327.17205 PEA
Peacemaking for Children (Milwaukee Peace Education Resource Center) (Quarterly)
Print: 2.4 and 3.4 (1984 and 1985 : incomplete)

S.505 Rar1
Ranger Rick/National Wildlife Federation
Print: 1983-
Online: 1984-
Previous Title: Ranger Rick’s Nature Magazine

S.372.2505 SC
Scienceland (8/yr.)
Print: Vols. 13 and 15-18 (1989, 1991-1997 : incomplete)

S.791.4505 SE
Sesame Street
Print: Vols. 59-300 (1977-2006 : incomplete)

S.791.4505 Pa1
Sesame Street Parents
Print: 1993-2001 – CEASED in 2001
Previous Title: Parent’s Guide

S.305.05 SK
Skipping Stones (Quarterly)
Print: 1991-
Online: 2000-

S.028.505 ST
Stone Soup (5/yr.)
Print: 1973-
Online: 2001-

S.381.3305 ZI
Print: Vols. 1-11 (1990-2000) – CEASED in 2000

S.591.05 ZOB
Zoobooks (Monthly)
Print: Vols. 3-12 (1986-1994 : incomplete ) – Print CANCELLED in 1994
Later Title: Ranger Rick’s Zoobooks (9/year)
Online: 2011-

Additional Related Websites

  • Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Newsletter
    A monthly electronic newsletter covering Children’s Literature: new books, topics in depth, old favorites revisited, the latest on this web site and other resources on the Internet.
  • Children’s Bookwatch
    This monthly online journal reviews all sorts of books and other media for children. Nonfiction reviews are by categories such as science, cookbooks, american history, and pets/wildlife. DVDs and music are reviewed, as well as books in series and easy reader books.
  • Journals List from the International Research Society for Children’s Literature
    Offers a list of major children’s literature journals from around the world including a large number of journals published in languages other than English. Editors, contact information, and URLs are included with each entry. Most journal sites require subscriptions to view articles and archives. Enter the journal title in the Online Journals and Databases to determine if the University of Illinois subscribes to the journal.
  • The Looking Glass (free registration required)
    This electronic journal comes out two or three times a year. It includes literature analysis articles on a variety of children’s books and topics as well as a few book reviews. This journal is currently in recess. The most recent issue was published in 2019.
  • Viewpoint
    Viewpoint is an Australian quarterly journal on young adult literature. Available online are the table of contents from older issues as well as one full article from each issue. The most recent new issue of the journal was published in the summer of 2014. Older issues began in 2007.