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Bibliography of Abraham Lincoln Resources

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Few U.S. presidents have garnered as much attention as Abraham Lincoln. The details of his political and personal life have been scrutinized by scholars and historians, and devoured by a fascinated public. This guide offers a list of fiction and non-fiction resources covering everything from Lincoln’s presidency and assassination to monuments in his honor and sightings of his ghost. Also included are works about the Lincoln family and the men and women who conspired to take his life.

Additional juvenile materials on Abraham Lincoln can be found in the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections, the Center for Children’s Books, and the University Laboratory High School Library. Enter “Lincoln, Abraham” into a subject search in the online catalog to locate these works.

A number of titles on this list are broader works which include sections or chapters on Lincoln. Those works are noted with a star (*).

A related guide, Abraham Lincoln Biographies, contains a list of Abraham Lincoln biographies that can be found in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library School Collection.

Most books are located in the School (S-) Collection (Room 101, Main Library) of the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library. However, books may also be located at the Center for Children’s Books and older books may be located in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library (Room 346, Main Library) or in the Oak Street Facility. To verify the location of an item, please search for the book in the Online Library Catalog. If you require assistance locating an item, please ask for assistance at the SSHEL Information Services Desk.


Q.S.973 B328o
*Bausum, Ann. Our Country’s Presidents. National Geographic Society, 2001.

S.920  B72P
*Bradford, Gamaliel. Portraits and Personalities. Houghton Mifflin, 1933.

S.920  C4755H
*Churchill, Winston. Heroes of History. Dodd, Mead, 1968.

S.133.10973  C66h
*Cohen, Daniel. Hauntings and Horrors: The Ultimate Guide to Spooky America. Dutton Children’s Books, 2002.

S.973.7  D294d
Davis, Kenneth C. Don’t Know Much About Abraham Lincoln. HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2004.

S.340.092 EM36T
*Emert, Phyllis Raybin. Top Lawyers and Their Famous Cases. Oliver Press, 1996.

S.323.44  F619G
*Flaxman, Andrew. Great Thinkers of American History: A Study of the Spirit of Freedom and Liberty Through the Lives of Franklin and Lincoln. Gifted Education Press, 1989.

S.909  F81A
Foster, Genevieve. Abraham Lincoln’s World, 1809-1865. Scribner, 1944.

S.923.173  H19835M
Hanser, Richard. Meet Mr. Lincoln. Golden Press, 1960.

TEXT. 920.073 CHIRPR2007A
Herbert, Janis. Abraham Lincoln for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities. Chicago Review, 2007.

S.341.1 L444T
*Lawson, Don. Ten Fighters for Peace: An Anthology. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1971.

S.973.092  L469
*Leaders of the Frontier. Beckley-Cardy, 1950.

S.973.099  L645J
*Lindop, Edmund. James K. Polk, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt. Twenty-First Century Books, 1995.

S.920.02 M369M
*Marzollo, Jean. My First Book of Biographies: Great Men and Women Every Child Should Know. Scholastic, 1994.

SB. L736mel
Meltzer, Brad. I am Abraham Lincoln. Dial Book for Young Readers, 2014.

S.973. 80922 P926
*Presidents of a Divided Nation: A Sourcebook on the U.S. Presidency. Millbrook Press, 1993.

Q.S.973.09 P926
*Presidents of the United States. HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.

S.973.7 R723c
*Rosenberg, Aaron. The Civil War. Scholastic, 2011.S.920 Q41R
*Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas, Sir. The Roll Call of Honour, A New Book of Golden Deeds. T. Nelson and Sons, 1911.

SB. L73Nl 1966
*Rinkan: Kenedi, Chachiru. Shogakkan, 1966.

S.920 T343
*There Were Giants in the Land: Twenty-Eight Historic Americans as Seen by Twenty-Eight Contemporary Americans. Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., 1942.

Q. S.973 W146l
*Waldman, Neil. A Land of Big Dreamers: Voices of Courage in America. Millbrook, 2011.


CDROM 973.7 UISP2005
Dunn, Peggy. Abraham Lincoln, Young Lawyer at the Bar. University of Illinois at Springfield, 2005.

S.917.73 F869L
Fraizer, Carl. The Lincoln Country in Pictures. Hastings House, 1963.

S.920 H18H
Hamilton, Elisabeth B. How They Started: Nine Famous Men Begin Their Careers. Harcourt, Brace, 1937.

S.973.70922 J268l
January, Brendan. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Children’s Press, 1998.

Q. S.973.7 K897a
Krisher, Trudy. An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Bob and Old Abe. Bunker Hill, 2015.

SB. D736N
Nolan, Jeannette Covert. The Little Giant: The Story of Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. J. Messner, Inc., 1942

S.326.0973 P611l
Pierce, Alan. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates. ABDO Pub., 2005.


S.973.7301 AL545m
Allen, Thomas B. and Roger MacBride Allen. Mr. Lincoln’s High-tech War: How the North Used the Telegraph, Railroads, Surveillance Balloons, Ironclads, High-powered Weapons, and More to Win the Civil War. National Geographic. 2009.

S.973.73 Ar64o
Arnold, James R. On to Richmond: The Civil War in the East, 1861-1862. Lerner Publications Co., 2002.

S.909.81 F813Y
Foster, Genevieve. Year of Lincoln, 1861. Scribner, 1970.

S.973.7 SA5S
Sandburg, Carl. Storm Over the Land: A Profile of the Civil War Taken Mainly from Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. Harcourt, Brace, and Company, 1942.


S.973.7092 B81h
Brown, Don. He Has Shot the President!: April 14, 1865: The Day John Wilkes Booth Killed President Lincoln. Roaring Brook Press, 2014.

S.973.7092 F514m
Fireside, Bryna J.The Mary Surratt “Lincoln Assassination” Trial: A Headline Court Case.Enslow Publishers, 2001.

S.973.7092 G262m
Geary, Rick. The Murder of Abraham Lincoln: A Chronicle of 62 Days in the Life of the American Republic, March 4-May 4, 1865. NBM ComicsLit, 2005.

Giblin, James. Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth. Clarion, 2005.

S.793.7092 H749p
Holzer, Harold. The President Is Shot!: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Boyds Mills Press, 2004.

S.973.7 H998a
Hynd, Alan. Arrival 12:30: The Baltimore Plot Against Lincoln. Nelson, 1967.

Jones, Rebecca C. The Mystery of Mary Surratt: The Plot to Kill President Lincoln. Tidewater Publishers, 2004.

S.364.15240973 L645A
*Lindop, Edmund. Assassinations that Shook America. F. Watts, 1992.

S.973.8 N124c
*Naden, Corinne J. Civil War Ends: Assassination, Reconstruction, and the Aftermath. Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, 2000.

S.973.7092 Ol86a
Olson, Kay Melchisedech. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Capstone Press, 2005.

S.973.7092 Or3l
O’Reilly, Bill. Lincoln’s Last Days: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever.. Henry Holt and Co., 2012.

S.973.7092 So53l
Somerlott, Robert. The Lincoln Assassination in American History. Enslow Publishers, 1998.

SB. B7254s
Swanson, James L. Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. Scholastic, 2009.

S.363.73 V366h
Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth. How Kate Warne Saved President Lincoln: A Story about the Nation’s First Woman Detective. Albert Whitman & Company, 2016.

S.973.7092 Z35l
Zeinert, Karen. The Lincoln Murder Plot. Linnet Books, 1999.


S.973.7 Ar57t
Armstrong, Jennifer. A Three-Minute Speech: Lincoln’s Remarks at Gettysburg. Aladdin Paperbacks, 2003.

S.973.714 B6373e
Bolden, Tonya. Emancipation Proclamation: Lincoln and the Dawn of Liberty. Abrams Books, 2013.

S.973.714 C188e
Carey, Charles W. The Emancipation Proclamation. Child’s World, 1999.

S.973.7 D26512003
Daugherty, James. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: A Pictorial Interpretation Painted by James Daugherty. Albert Whitman and Co., 2013.

S.973.7092 F327a
Feinberg, Barbara Silberdick. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: Four Score and More. Twenty-First Century Books, 2000.

S.973.7092 H716l
Holford, David M. Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation in History. Enslow, 2002.

S.973.7 J268E
January, Brendan. The Emancipation Proclamation. Children’s Press, 1997.

S.973.714 L346l
Latham, Frank Brown. Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, January 1, 1863: The Document that Turned the Civil War into a Fight for Freedom. Watts, 1969.

S.973.7349 L638a
Lincoln, Abraham. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Illustrated. Chilton Co., 1965.

S.973.7 L638f
Lincoln, Abraham.The First Book Edition of the Gettysburg Address: The Second Inaugural.F. Watts, 1963.

Q.S. 973.7349 L63G
Lincoln, Abraham. The Gettysburg Address. Houghton Mifflin, 1995.

S.973.7 M1341e
McComb, Marianne. The Emancipation Proclamation. National Geographic Society, 2006.

S.973.7 P51m
Phelan, Mary Kay. Mr. Lincoln Speaks at Gettysburg. W.W. Norton, 1966.

S.973.7 R524g
Rivera, Sheila. The Gettysburg Address. ABDO Daughters, 2004.

S.973.7349 T153g
Tanaka, Shelley. Gettysburg: The Legendary Battle and the Address that Inspired a Nation. Hyperion Books for Children, 2003.


S.301.45 D747M 1966
Douglas, William O. Mr. Lincoln & The Negroes: The Long Road to Equality. Atheneum, 1966.

S.973.70922 F8537a
Freedman, Russell. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Clarion Books, 2012.


SB.L738a 1991
Anderson, LaVere. Mary Todd Lincoln, President’s Wife. Chelsea Juniors, 1991.

Anderson, LaVere. Tad Lincoln, Abe’s Son. Garrard Pub. Co., 1971.

Bailey, Bernadine. Abe Lincoln’s Other Mother: The Story of Sarah Bush Lincoln. J. Messner, 1961.

*Collins, David R. Shattered Dreams: The Story of Mary Todd Lincoln. M. Reynolds, 1994.

Holzer, Harold. Father Abraham: Lincoln and His Sons. Calkins Creek, 2011.

Le Sueur, Meridel. Nancy Hanks of Wilderness Road: A Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Mother. A.A. Knopf, 1949.

SB.H241L 1990
Le Sueur, Meridel. Nancy Hanks of Wilderness Road: A Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Mother. Holy Cow! Press, 1990.

Q.S.973.7 K897a
Krisher, Trudy. An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Bob and Old Abe. Bunker Hill Publishing Inc., 2015.

Krull, Kathleen. Women Who Broke the Rules: Mary Todd Lincoln. Bloomsbury, 2015.

SB. L7362m
Mattern, Joanne. Mary Todd Lincoln. ABDO Pub., 2008.

S.973.09 Oc55i
*O’Connor, Jane. If the Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2004.

Rabin, Staton. Mr. Lincoln’s Boys: Being the Mostly True Adventures of Abraham Lincoln’s Trouble-Making Sons, Tad and Willie. Viking, 2008.

Randall, Ruth Painter. I, Mary: A Biography of the Girl Who Married Abraham Lincoln. Little, Brown, 1959.

S.929 R158L
Randall, Ruth Painter. Lincoln’s Sons. Little, Brown, 1955.

S.973.7 SA563L
Sandak, Cass R. The Lincolns. Crestwood House, 1992.

SB.H241S 1962
Stevenson, Augusta. Nancy Hanks, Kentucky Girl. Bobbs-Merrill, 1962.

Weaver, John Downing. Tad Lincoln, Mischief-Maker in the White House. Dodd, Mead, 1963.


S.973.7092 AS31M
Ashabranner, Brent K. A Memorial for Mr. Lincoln. Putnam, 1992.

S.975.3 As31n
Ashabranner, Brent K. No Better Hope: What the Lincoln Memorial Means to America. Twenty-First Century Books, 2001.

S.394.261 D44912014
*deRubertis, Barbara. Let’s Celebrate Presidents’ Day: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The Kane Press, 2014.

FitzGerald, Dawn. Vinnie and Abraham. Charlesbridge, 2007.

S.730.92 F887G
Goldstein, Ernest.The Statue of Abraham Lincoln: A Masterpiece by Daniel Chester French. Lerner Publications Co., 1997.

S.808.81 H23O 1938
*Harrington, Mildred P. Our Holidays in Poetry. The H.W. Wilson Co., 1929.

S.973.41 M228P
MacMillan, Dianne M. Presidents Day. Enslow, 1997.

S.973.7902 Sh42l
Sheinkin, Steve. Lincoln’s Grave Robbers. Scholastic, 2012.

S.305.8 Sl124c
Slade, Suzanne. Climbing Lincoln’s Steps: The African American Journey. Albert Whitman, 2010.


Belting, Natalia Maree. Indy and Mr. Lincoln. Holt, 1960.

Blackwood, Gary L. Second Sight. Dutton Children’s Books, 2005.

Bloch, Robert L. My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln: A Tale of Two Boys from Indiana. Big Tent Books, 2011.

S.371.8952 B58
*Blue-Ribbon Plays for Girls: A Collection of Royalty-Free One-Act Plays for All-Girl Casts. Plays, 1955.

Q.SE. B64425a
Borden, Louise. A. Lincoln and Me. Scholastic, 2000.

Brandeis, Gayle. My Life with the Lincolns. Henry Hold and Co., 2010.

Brenner, Barbara. Saving the President: What if Lincoln Had Lived? J. Messner, 1987.

Caseley, Judith. Praying to A.L. Greenwillow Books, 2000.

Coblentz, Catherine Cate. Martin and Abraham Lincoln: Based on a True Incident. Children’s Press, 1947.

Eifert, Virginia Louise Snider. The Buffalo Trace. Dodd, Mead, 1955.

Eifert, Virginia Louise Snider. New Birth of Freedom: Abraham Lincoln in the White House. Dodd, Mead, 1959.

Eifert, Virginia Louise Snider. Out of the Wilderness: Young Abe Lincoln Grows Up. Dodd, Mead, 1956.

Eifert, Virginia Louise Snider. Three Rivers South: The Story of Young Abe Lincoln. Dodd, Mead, 1953.

Eifert, Virginia Louise Snider. With a Task Before Me: Abraham Lincoln Leaves Springfield. Dodd, Mead, 1958.

Gormley, Beatrice. Back to the Day Lincoln Was Shot! Scholastic, 1996.

Gutman, Dan. The Lincoln Project (Flashback Four). Harper, 2016.

Greene, Homer. A Lincoln Conscript. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1909.

Hannigan, Kate. The Detective’s Assistant. Little, Brown, and Company, 2015.

S.812 H22S
*Hark, Mildred. Special Plays for Special Days: Non-Royalty Holiday Plays for Young People. Plays, Inc., 1947.

Hines, Gary. Thanksgiving in the White House. Henry Holt, 2003.

Q. SE. H77a
Hopkinson, Deborah. Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: a Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing his Forgotten Frontier Friend). Schwartz & Wade Books, 2008.

Hubbard, Freeman H. Vinnie Ream and Mr. Lincoln. Whittlesey House, 1949.

Le Sueur, Meridel. The River Road: A Story of Abraham Lincoln. Knopf, 1954.

Q. SE. M291f
Malaspina, Ann. Finding Lincoln. Albert Whitman, 2009.

*McCall, Edith S. Pioneer Traders. Children’s Press, 1964.

Myers, Anna. Assassin. Walker & Company, 2005.

Neyhart, Louise Albright. Henry’s Lincoln. Holiday House, 1945.

S.N494H 1958
Neyhart, Louise Albright. Henry’s Lincoln. Holiday House, 1958.

Osborne, Mary Pope. After The Rain. Scholastic, 2002.

Osborne, Mary Pope. Abe Lincoln at Last! Random House, 2011.

Pauli, Hertha Ernestine. Lincoln’s Little Correspondent. Doubleday, 1952.

Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Abraham Lincoln: Letters from a Slave Girl. Winslow Press, 2001.

Polacco, Patricia. Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2011.

Potter, David. Abe Lincoln and the Selfie that Saved the Union. Crown Books, 2016.

Reiss, Mike. The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln. Price Stern Sloan, 2003.

S.818 Sa56s
Sandburg, Carl. The Sandburg Treasury: Prose and Poetry for Young People. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1970.

Sappey, Maureen Stack. Letters from Vinnie. Front Street, 1999.

S.812 SH58A
Sherwood, Robert E. Abe Lincoln in Illinois, A Play in Twelve Scenes. C. Scribner’s Sons, 1939.

Smith, Lane. Abe Lincoln’s Dream. Roaring Brook Press, 2012.

Stone, Irving. Love Is Eternal: A Novel About Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln. Doubleday, 1954.

Strasser, Todd. Abe Lincoln for Class President! Scholastic, 1995.

Waber, Bernard. Just Like Abraham Lincoln. Houghton Mifflin, 1964.

Wilson, William Edward. Abe Lincoln of Pigeon Creek, A Novel. Whittlesey House, 1949

Winnick, Karen B. Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers. Boyds Mills, 1996