History of the Geology Library

The Geology Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign housed an extensive collection of materials in geochemistry, solid-earth geophysics, mineralogy, paleontology, oceanography, geohydrology, and economic geology. The collection supported the Department of Geology curricular and research needs. In 1959, the Geology Library was established in the Natural History Building by Dr. George W. White, head of the Department of Geology.

The collection in the Natural History Building contained more than 100,000 bound volumes, including nearly 3,000 journals and monographic series titles. In addition, there was a collection of at least 75,000 cartographic items including geologic and topographic maps and atlases. An exceptional collection of rare and early geological literature is managed by the Rare Book Room (346 Library) which include the works of Agricola, Biringucci, Palissy, Hutton, and Agassiz. Early American geological works include those by Eaton, Schoolcraft, and Feathersonhaugh.

With the growth of the School of Earth, Society, and the Environment (SESE) the decision was made to close the Geology Library and merge part of the collection into the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center.  With new focuses of research such as GIS, the environment, seismological research, hydrogeology and alternative energy, the Grainger Library provides a single point of physical science resources and library services as it includes geoscience-related research such as astronomy, atmospheric science, civil and environmental engineering, and physics. The Geology Library in the Natural History Building was closed on August 6, 2010.

Geology Librarians

  • Harriet Wallace:  9/1/1962 – 8/20/1979 (retired)
  • Dederick C. Ward:  8/21/1980 – 7/1/1989 (retired)
  • Lois M. Pausch: 8/21/1991 – 2/29/2000 (retired)
  • Gregory Youngen:  2/29/2000 – 8/20/2001 (acting)
  • Lura Joseph:   8/21/2001 to 8/6/2010
  • Tina Chrzastowski: 6/15/2011 – 5/31/2013 (retired)
  • Mary C. Schlembach: 6/1/2013 – current