Photographic, Video, and Audio Recording Inside Library Facilities - General Information

General Guidelines

Because the mission of the University Library is to provide and promote an atmosphere conducive to teaching, learning, and research, we reserve the right to limit photographic, video, or audio recording activities to assure that this atmosphere is maintained. These guidelines apply to spaces inside Library facilities. Use of Library facilities is governed by the “University Name, Image or Logos” policy in the Campus Administrative Manual which states that: “Use of some locations . . . requires special permission in certain circumstances. For example, special permission is needed for access to certain areas (classrooms, residence halls, laboratories, athletic facilities, offices); for activities that might interrupt the normal flow of student life, business, or traffic; and for activities that involve University staff time or resources.”

  • All photography and recording must be carried out so as not to disturb library users or staff and not block aisles, walkways, stairwells, doors, or exits.
  • Avoid capturing identifiable likeness of individuals or their computer screens, books, documents etc. without their assent.
  • Access to staff areas and other areas closed to the public will generally not be allowed but may be evaluated and approved on a case-by-case basis.
Recording in Library Permission Flowchart
Recording Inside Library Permission Flowchart

Snapshots for Personal Use

Individuals visiting the libraries are welcome to take a few photographs to record their visit for personal use, except where signs are posted prohibiting this.  Be sure to follow the “General guidelines” above.

Photo/Video/Audio Recording to be Shared Publicly by Student Projects, Library Staff, etc.

Anything other than snapshots for personal use (discussed above) or commercial/professional photography (which require advanced permission as discussed below) must be authorized by designated Library staff at that location using the On the Fly Photographic, Video and Audio Recording in University Library Facilities: Guidelines and Permission Form prior to recording.


Professional photographers/videographers or any other photography or recording for any commercial purposes must be authorized in advance. Interested parties should request permission via email or phone to film or otherwise record inside Library facilities at least 7 days in advance from the Chief Communications Officer, who will review the request and seek authorizations from the Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities or the Associate University Librarian for User Services. Individuals planning to photograph or record for commercial purposes inside a Library facility should also consult the Commercial/Professional Photographic, Video and Audio Recording Checklist and complete the Commercial/Professional Photographic, Video and Audio Recording in University Library Facilities: Guidelines and Permission Form. Use of Library facilities for feature films, advertisements or other commercial purposes is governed by the campus policy on the use of University Name, Image or Logos and requires prior permission from the Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs.

Use of Images of Individuals

Explicit permission must be obtained from any patrons and/or staff members who is personally identifiable in any image that will be publicly shared online or in print by using the Talent Release Forms provided by Public Affairs for this purpose. In situations involving a large public gathering, designated library personnel may grant permission to post signs notifying individuals that recording or photography will occur in lieu of the individual talent release forms.

Talent release forms are not required for photos or videos for personal use (i.e. that will not be publicly shared in any way), but please do not photograph or film anyone without their assent.

Requests to Cease Recording

The Library reserves the right to ask any individual or group to cease photographic, video, or audio recording, and, if appropriate, to refer individuals or groups to campus Public Affairs. Individuals or groups who refuse to cease recording upon request by an authorized Library staff member will be considered in breach of the University Library Patron Conduct Policy.


  • Chief Communications Officer, Heather Murphy,, (217) 333-3758
  • Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities, Jeff Schrader,, (217) 333-0317
  • Associate University Librarian for User Services
  • Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, Robin Kaler,, (217) 333-5010

General questions or concerns may be directed either to the Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities or to the Associate University Librarian for User Services.

Forms and Checklists

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Originally approved by University Library Administrative Council on November 7, 2006; revised and approved on June 20, 2016.