Digital Signage Policy - General Information


University Library units/departments and faculty/staff may promote Library-related services and events on the Library’s digital signage at no charge. Signs will appear on a rotating basis throughout the day.

  • Submit information as a PowerPoint (.ppt) slide with a page layout of 18.95 inches wide by 9.58 inches high. Horizontal PDFs or JPGs (300 to 1080 dpi) are also accepted; please size JPGs to 1819 x 920 pixels.
  • A simple background works best.
  • Include a brief, clear headline.
  • 20-30 words allow for maximum readability.
  • Limit use of small text as it will not be legible on a large screen.
  • Only include basic information. Do not go into great detail. Link to a website or other source for details.
  • Use of logos or photos pulled from the Internet or other sources may violate copyright law. Submissions may not include any copyrighted images or text without permission.

Management of Content

The University Library accepts requests to display information on digital signage from Library units and employees pertaining to library matters, including School of Information Sciences (iSchool) events and programs. Departmental libraries (e.g., Grainger, Undergraduate Library, etc.) may post matters relating to their individual spaces; this could include information about non-library events taking place in a library facility. In addition, any digital signage supporting the Library’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is acceptable. The Library reserves the right to accept/reject requests for digital signs on a case-by-case basis, even in cases where the content does/doesn’t match the accepted criteria.

Information is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow a week for information to post. Space requests and reservations can be made using the University Library’s Digital Signage Request web form below. State the start and end dates information should run through the web form.

Information will be approved for display at the discretion of the Chief Communications Officer.

The University Library reserves the right to edit submissions for digital signage display.

Grainger Engineering Library Information Center

GELIC displays digital signs requested by groups affiliated with the College of Engineering (COE), Technology Services, or the University Library, OR for events targeted at COE students, faculty, staff or library patrons. Please send requests to

Funk ACES Library

ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center has signs entering the building and internal for conference room scheduling. More information is located here.

Communications Library

Limited to content from the Communications Library, the College of Media, and the Department of Communications. Please send requests to



Date of adoption: February 11, 2013