Student Hourly Positions - General Information

Current Openings

How to Apply

  • Fill out this Job Applicant Data Form. This is not a job application, supervisors will be able to view the information you provide when they are looking for someone to hire.
  • It is important to keep your personal information as up-to-date as possible.
  • Your application will be kept on file until the graduation date you have entered on your application. Each semester you need to update your availability once your schedule has been set.
  • Available positions within the Library will be updated regularly.
  • Contact each Library unit supervisor to let them know that you are interested in employment and have a Job Applicant Data Form on file.

If You Are Hired

  • Library Human Resources will contact you via e-mail to schedule a new hire appointment. In order to be added to the University payroll, you will need your University of Illinois i-card, Driver’s License, and Social Security Card. If you are an international student without a social security card, bring your Passport with I-94, I-20, and your i-card.
  • Permanent Residents should also have their University of Illinois i-card, Social Security Card, and their A Card in order to complete the I-9 form.
  • The new hire process takes approximately 1 hour.  Please be certain to allow this amount of time when scheduling your appointment.
  • The Library’s minimum wage is $13 an hour.


If you have any questions about these processes please email Library HR at