Discover UIUC Full Text Linking - General Information


Discover is a tool offered by the UIUC Library. You will see small Discover buttons or links in a wide variety of online resources licensed or managed by the UIUC Library. The button usually looks like this: Button: Discover UIUC Full Text Linking

These links will always bring you to the Discover menu, but their precise behavior is always context-sensitive. In other words, they convey information about the information they’re associated with where you see the button. Typically, this information describes a journal article, a book, or some other citable reference. Discover then interprets that information and presents a dynamic list of services relevant for that citation. When available, one of those services is to provide linking directly to the full text content. Depending on the situation, links to a number of other relevant services may also be provided.

Discover is based on the OpenURL linking standard and Ex Libris’ ALMA software, and is managed by the UIUC Library’s Electronic Resource Support Group, a merry band of folks from  IT Infrastructure & Software Development, Acquisitions, and Serials Cataloging.