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Patent Information

Patent Searches

Engineering Village

Includes searches of United States and/or European patents.

USPTO Patent Searches

Access to USPTO Patent Databases including the Patent and Full-Text and Image Databases and the Patent Application Information Retrieval System.

European Patent Office Espacenet Patent Search

Free access to more than 70 million patents worldwide including full-text of published European patents.

World Intellectual Property Organization PATENTSCOPE

PATENTSCOPE searches ten million patent documents including more than two million published international patent applications (PCT).

Google Patent Search

Often incomplete but with thumbnail previews.

InnovationQ Plus

Semantic search of over 92 million full-text patents worldwide and non-patent literature from IEEE.

Derwent Innovations Index

Derwent Innovations Index covers over 14.3 million basic inventions from 40 worldwide patent-issuing authorities.

Article Databases with Patent Searching


Online version of Chemical Abstracts that includes chemical patents.

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  • register with your @illinois.edu email address. After you submit the form, you will receive an email message with instructions for completing the registration process.
  • Go to SciFinder Registration.

Lexis Nexis Academic Universe

Searches US, European, and Japanese patents. Click “US Legal” then “Patents” to search.

Food Science & Technology Abstracts

Contains patents related to food technology.