Council of Planning Librarians Bibliographies

“The CPL (Council of Planning Librarians) bibliography series is one of the longest running topical bibliography publications in the United States.”*  These annotated bibliographies are focused reviews of  an urban and regional planning topic.

1996 – present:

Since 1996, the CPL bibliography series has been published in issues of the Journal of Planning Literature . For access to electronic version of this journal, see catalog record for digital version (non-campus IPs accessible to UIUC faculty, students, and staff only with netid/password login).  See Journal of Planning Literature catalog record for print version to locate print issues from 1985-2007.

These may be identified by searching an index that indexes the Journal of Planning Literature, such as Urban Studies Abstracts, or browsing the Journal of planning literature  (for both resources, non-campus IPs accessible to UIUC faculty, students, and staff only with netid/password login).

1958 – 1995:

The original print CPL bibliographies consist of two series:

  • Exchange Bibliographies #1-1565 (1958-78), edited by Mary Vance, and
  • CPL Bibliographies #1-328 (1979-95), edited by the Council of Planning Librarians.


These series have series Library catalog record for Exchange Bibliographies series (1958-1978) and  CPL Bibliographies series (1979-1995), plus analyzed Library catalog records of the individual bibliographies with locations.

Find UIUC University Library print copies at:   Location: ACES Compact Stacks;  Call Number:  016.7114 C73C


Note:  There is no non-CPL indexes, literature database, or entity that provides indexing to CPLA Bibliographies 1958-1995.   One must use the print CPL Bibliographies.


University Archives archives the following Council of Planning Librarians papers:

Council of Planning Librarians Bibliographies, 1958-95

Council of Planning Librarians Subject File, 1957-1999

Council of Planning Librarians Editorial Correspondence, 1978-1986



Selected background

1958  Committee of Planning Librarians began the Exchange Bibliography series.  First editor was Holway R. Jones, Planning Librarian, University of California-Berkeley. *

1961  Committee of Planning Librarians became the Council of Planning Librarians (CPL). *

1967  CPL member Mary Vance, Planning Librarian, University of Illinois became editor for the Exchange Bibliography series. *

1979  CPL Bibliographies series was begun as well as an editorial advisory board to oversee the series. *

1986  A publication agreement was signed with the American Planning Association. *

1996  Sage purchases CPL bibliography series and begins publishing it in Journal of Planning Literature (JPL) with its own editor, and no longer affiliated with the CPL organization. Jane McMaster, former president of CPL, Planning Librarian, Ohio State, was the series’ first editor at JPL.   Numbering of the series continues uninterrupted. This merge began with Journal of Planning Literature, Vol. 11, No. 1 (August 1996).*

2000  The Council of Planning Librarians organization disbanded in 2000.**


* Editorial. Journal of Planning Literature, Vol. 11, No. 1 (August 1996).

** McMaster, Jane. Email message to Melody Allison. (February 23, 2017).

Please contact Melody Allison,, if you need assistance.