Global Studies Collection - Collections

Global Studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary subject exploring many contested and interrelated aspects of world politics, economics, environmentalism, cultures and societies. Although all of these subjects are collected by their respective units, the Global Studies Library emphasizes those works in which thematic approaches to globalization, transnationalism, and world systems are addressed.

The Global Studies Library (GSVL) is a virtual branch of the University Library. As such it does not have a collection in the traditional sense. The librarian is embedded in the Center for Global Studies, a unit of International Programs and Studies, designated as a National Resource Center for the study of globalization under a Title VI grant of the Department of Education. With a modest collection budget funded through this grant, the GSVL enriches the collections of related library units and provides virtual access to serials and other works specifically related to global studies. In addition, the library provides links to virtual resources for K-12 and community colleges to encourage and support globalization of the curriculum. Whenever possible, the electronic version of books and journals are purchased rather than the print version.

Version Date: January, 2006