Biotechnology Collection - Collections

Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary subject and so various aspects of it are collected in many libraries or units on campus.

The Biology Library collects materials that support basic research in molecular and cellular biology; the Chemistry Library collects in the areas chemical engineering and biochemical biotechnology; the Funk Agricultural Library collects materials concerning crop, animal science, microbial and food technology, as well as agricultural bioengineering; the Veterinary Medical Library collects materials in the veterinary – and to some extent human — health sciences, including pharmacology; the Engineering Library collects resources on bioengineering subjects such as biosensors and the development biological tools. The History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library and Undergraduate Library collect materials related to bioethical considerations of biotechnological advances.

The Biotechnology Information Center (BIC), as a virtual branch of the University Library, does not have a collection. However, with its modest collection budget, it enriches the collections of the Biology, Funk-ACES, Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine, and other libraries in areas that relate to biotechnology. The primary subjects collected by the BIC fund include all aspects of pure and applied molecular biology, bioinformatics, health-based research, animal, plant and microbial science, and food science. Additionally, books pertaining to the ethical considerations of biotechnological advances are collected. Whenever possible, the electronic version of books and journals are purchased rather than the print version.

Version Date: July, 2006