Honoring Our Faculty Achievements 2007 - Collections



Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead celebrates the creative mind as the origin of productive effort and joyous
life. In my professional work, it has provided me an understanding of the philosophical
underpinnings of entrepreneurial action and the resultant technological evolution and economic
growth. On the personal front, it has been a touch-point for my own journey as an intellectual
entrepreneur by emphasizing the notion: “To thy own ideas (and self) be true.”

Rajshree Agarwal

Business Administration


Speech and Hearing in Communication

Harvey Fletcher

The work of Harvey Fletcher is historical yet was forgotten and misunderstood. Though an
accident, I discovered his work, and was successful in bringing it to the attention of many others.
This was very rewarding to me and useful to the scientific community. I was asked to edit and
update this classic book, which I did.

Jont B. Allen

Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Production of Space

Henri Lefebvre

I have selected
The Production of Space because it serves as the necessary reference for every critical
spatial practice.

Conrad Bakker

School of Art and Design


Karlsson vom Dach

Astrid Lindgren

Every now and then, it was a wonderful way to take flight in fantasy as I was reading this with
my son.

Robert Bauer



Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom

Lisa D. Delpit

The question, just who are these “other” people and their children?, as posed in this book,
requires a teacher first to answer the most important question a teacher can address: “Who am

Louis Bergonzi



Free to Choose: A Personal Statement

Milton and Rose Friedman

Free to Choose is an eloquent personal statement by Milton and Rose Friedman about the
importance of political and economic freedom. I first read it as a teenager, prior to having any
formal economics training, and it had a greater impact on my thinking than I understood at the
time. Now, 2+ decades later, re-reading it is akin to an ‘intellectual homecoming.’

Jeffrey R. Brown



Flavor of Dairy Products

K.R. Cadwallader, M.A. Drake, and R.J. McGorrin

The book project
Flavor of Dairy Products represents a significant contribution to a research field that I
have had the great pleasure of working in for the past decade.

Keith R. Cadwallader

Food Science and Human Nutrition


The Rivers Ran East

Leonard Clark

In old photographs from the late 19th century I saw my English grandfather riding with gauchos
on the Argentinian pampas, drinking maté from a beautiful tortoise-shell gourd and silver straw.
His adventures and my romantic notions as a child found a confluence in this book, which led me
ultimately to the Amazon and to my career in biology.

Sydney Cameron



Benjamin Franklin: Autobiography, Poor Richard, and Later Writings

Benjamin Franklin

Scientist and satirist, entrepreneur and academic, the first Great American, Franklin is a fine
role model for any developing young person. If I were to restart civilization and pass on but one
text, this would be it.

P. Scott Carney

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Analysis of Electric Machinery

P.C. Krause

This text is one of the most highly referenced in our field. It was written by a mentor and a
friend, whose legacy lives on through many students worldwide. This text was my “Bible” during my
graduate education.

Patrick Chapman

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Nutrition Education: Linking Research, Theory, and Practice

Isobel R. Contento

This is the first textbook directly related to my area of research—Nutrition Education theory
and practice.

Karen Chapman-Novakofski

Food Science and Human Nutrition


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Roald Dahl

This is the first book I really remember my mother reading to me. May all children be lucky
enough to have a parent who reads to them.

Dov Cohen



Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes

Bertil Hille

The subject matter of this book is a major focus of our research program. It is an important
collection of works regarding a critical brain region that plays a pivotal role, neural

Charles Cox

Pharmacology, Moecular & Integrative Physiology


Microsystem Design

Stephen D. Senturia

I use it in the class I teach on Microectromechanical Systems, but I do not believe it is
available at our library.

Brian T. Cunningham

Electrical and Computer Engineering


After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy

Robert Keohane

It is a seminal contribution to the study of international cooperation.

Xinyjan Dai

Political Science


Hispanic Foods: Chemistry and Flavor

Larry A. Sklar

This book covers the chemistry and flavor of foods of Hispanic cultures. If there is a
multicultural factor that modifies America’s food behavior, it is the Latin taste. I also edited
this book and contributed three chapters.

Elvira DeMejia

Food Science and Human Nutrition


Cultivation and Culture: Labor and the Shaping of Slave Life in the Americas

Ira Berlin and Philip D. Morgan

This collection reconstructs the slave experience without the luxury of a descriptive, written
record from the slaves’ point of view. It delivers a powerful vision of economic culture based on
observed behaviors, inferring the strategic logic behind them. By doing so, these innovative
historians reveal the diversity and complexity of economic life in plantation America.

S. Max Edelson



Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

Robert M. Pirsig

Where rationality and irrationality, like the academy, interact peacefully.

Dorothy L. Espelage



Cours de Linguistique Generale

Ferdinand de Saussure

Upon reading this book, I decided to become a linguist. I regard it as foundational for modern
linguistic theory, and decidedly so for my own career.

Zsuzsanna Fagyal



Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

Epoch Group

This book is the most detailed account of Communist misrule in China, and what the consequences
have been for the Chinese people and lovers of liberty throughout the world. It will help people to
have a better understanding of China, China’s past and China’s future.

Hao Feng

Food Science and Human Nutrition



Robert Ader

I am riveted by this book’s narcissistic story telling, darkly smoky atmosphere and shocking

Gregory G. Freund



Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals: Part One (Why? When? How?), and Literacy Lessons
Designed for Individuals: Part Two (Teaching Procedures)

Marie M. Clay

Clay passed away this year. She was a mentor to me and influenced the lives of teachers and,
through them, she positively impacted the literacy learning of young children around the world.

Janet Gaffney



Descent Into Hell: a Novel

Charles Williams

This novel is a cryptic commentary on Dante’s Purgatorio, canto XIX (the dream of the siren).
Williams has perfectly captured the polar archetypes of the academic: the self-centered and the

Robert W. Ghrist



The Works of Edward Gibbon

Edward Gibbon

Gibbon made me fall in love with English. I bought a set of this beautiful numbered edition
(mine is set # 708 of 1000) in the Urbana Free Library for the price of a forgettable bestseller,
and I was left wondering what was wrong with that municipal institution. (The UFL does not appear
to have another set of this edition.) I hope that the UIUC set will remain in the Main Stacks

Gustavo Gioia

Mechanical Science and Engineering


The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics

Randall Mills

It represents a new way of looking at what was thought to be a closed topic. If this work turns
out to be valid, it represents a potential for major changes in the way science is taught.

Nick Glumac

Mechanical Science and Engineering


What Is Remembered

Alice B. Toklas

I read this book in veterinary school, and Gertrude Stein’s death scene still resonates whenever
I am searching for an important answer. ‘… What is the answer? I was silent. In that case, she
said, what is the question.’

Thomas K. Graves

Veterinary Clinical Medicine


Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life

Philip Nelson

This is the most popular and widely used text for teaching biology to physics students.

Taekjip Ha



Molecular Principles of Fungal Pathogenesis

J. Heitman

I was looking for a book that covered newer technologies related to mycology and molecular
biology. This book provides a fusion of those two subjects in a medical background.

Glen Hartman

Crop Sciences


Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife of Love in a Dream

Francesco Colonna

I first gained access to this enigmatic masterwork of Renaissance literature through a facsimile
of Jean Martin’s first French translation (1546). At long last, it is now available to
English-language readers through this fine translation by Josceyln Godwin, published exactly 500
years after the original Aldine edition (1499).

David Hays

Landscape Architecture


The Dark is Rising

Susan Cooper

I first read this book in middle school and was captivated. It is a wonderful fantasy novel,
with a sense of wonder, insights on the nature of sacrifice and responsibility and just really good
writing. Now that I have children, reading it as a family around Christmas has become a family

Glenn Hoetker

Business Administration


Full Disclosure: The Perils and Promise of Transparency

Archon Fung, Mary Graham and David Weil

This book suggests ways that government information about safety, environmental, and public
health risks can be more accessible and understandable, equipping the public to make informed
choices. I chose it because I think that educating and equipping citizens is the highest calling of
a government information specialist.

Karen Hogenboom

University Library


The Wages of Wins: Taking Measure of the Many Myths in Modern Sport

David J. Berri, Martin B. Schmidt,Stacey L. Brook

The book is a well written and interesting title in sports economics, my area of specialization.
Students across campus will enjoy reading it.

Brad R. Humphreys

Recreation, Sport and Tourism


Jallet Shoes

Noel Streatfiled

I found this book while wandering aimlessly among the shelves of my local public library. It was
a formative experience, an introduction to the treasures that can be discovered browsing the
shelves of a good library. I no longer remember the details of the story, but I can clearly recall
the green cloth cover and the feeling of getting caught up in a world I never before imagined. My
heart still expands when a book comes my way that promises to open up new worlds, an echo of this
early experience of discovery and delight.

JoAnn Jacoby

University Library


New Shanghai Cuisine: Bridging the Old and the New

Jereme Leung

Shanghai, where I grew up, is now a unique international city. It possesses a way of living that
enraptures both the heart and mind.

Qiang Jin

University Library


Biology of Animal Stress: Basic Principles and Implications for Animal Welfare

G. Moberg and J. Mench

Much of my research and teaching is in the area of animal stress and well-being. An earlier copy
of this book in 1984 laid the foundation for my love and enthusiasm.

Janeen L. Johnson

Animal Sciences


Writings on Art and Literature

Sigmund Freud

Whether writing on Moses or Medusa, Goethe or Dostoevsky, on transience in the natural world or
the permanence of myth, Freud demonstrates the reality and necessity of our dreams and delusions,
and shows that life without art and literature is literally unimaginable.

Laurie Johnson

Germanic Languages and Literatures


Beautiful Evidence

Edward R. Tufte

Doug Johnston

Landscape Architecture


The Nature of Light

Scott L. Christensen

I became interested in geology as a child because my family spent a month every summer in the
Wyoming high desert and mountains looking for gem-stones. Scott Christensen’s paintings of Wyoming
appeal to both the artist and the geologist in my soul. In addition, his personal story is

Lura Joseph

University Library


Animal Farm

George Orwell

I read this book for the first time in high school as part of my English course. I was struck by
the fascinating story and often hilarious twists in the plot. Only later I realized how the story
mapped on historic developments in the former Soviet Union, and how the book has been studied and
interpreted by many scientists and historians. It is just amazing how George Orwell was able to
hide political/historical events in a story that at first sight appears to have nothing to do with
the ‘real world’.

Paul Kenis

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh Project

W. Eugene Smith

This is where I come from! Eugene Smith’s eloquent images serve as a powerful testament to the
struggles and hard work of my immigrant grandparents–and those who continue to struggle–to give
their children a shot at the American Dream. To my parents who believed that a good education is a
prerequisite for a good life, I gratefully dedicate this book.

Josephine Kibbee

University Library


The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life

Emile Durkheim

I read this book as a college freshman in my social science core course in 1984. This was my
first exposure to the systematic study of cultural phenomena. Soon after, I switched my major to
anthropology. This book was an exhilarating initiation to questions that continue to interest me

Michele Koven

Speech Communication


Cracks and Fracture

K. Bertram Broberg

It is an excellent compilation of our knowledge base on Fracture Mechanics gathered over almost
100 years of research efforts.

John Lambros

Aerospace Engineering


Education, Markets, and the Public Good: The Selected Works of David F. Labaree

David F. Labaree

The selected essays in this volume were written by my advisor/mentor, and have been quite
influential for scholars studying the political economy of education. Many of the insights and
questions in this book have shaped my own research agenda.

Christopher A. Lubienski

Educational Organization & Leadership


The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Thom Hartmann

Many people tend to look at technology for help in addressing the world’s ecological problems.
As a physicist, I am afraid that the answer lies not in technology, but in a massive change in our
lifestyle. I hope that this book convinces a few people to take steps in that direction.

Erik Luijten

Materials Science and Engineering


Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People

Jane Bryant Quinn

High levels of consumer debt, low personal saving rates, and increases in personal bankruptcy
filings have generated concern that consumers are inadequately prepared for today’s financial
marketplace. As the financial system has grown more complex, consumers have had to become more
actively involved in managing their own finances. Yet, many consumers, even those who would
describe themselves as “financially savvy,” are having difficulty assessing their options and
making sound financial decisions. For the past seven years, I have researched consumers’ financial
behaviors and helped many to better manage their finances. This handbook serves as a wonderful
resource to anyone who is looking for sound, practical financial advice.

Angela Lyons

Agricultural and Consumer Economics


Bacterial Pathogenomics

Mark J. Pallen

This title is a good resource for a team taught class in Emerging Diseases.

Carol W. Maddox



Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle

In language that is at once simple and deeply evocative, Eckhart Tolle unites the common wisdom
of the world’s spiritual traditions. He gently guides us to discover the joy and beauty that are
always with us, awaiting only our attention to that most-neglected of moments: Now.

Naomi C.R. Makins



Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences and Empathy

Jonathan Chapman

This is a book that I really wished I had actually written! My research is in Design, Emotion
and Empathy, and Jonathan Chapman fuses all these elements together into a compelling book that
speaks volumes.

Deana McDonagh

School of Art and Design


The Ugly Duckling

Hans Christian Andersen

I was asked by Provost Linda Katehi and University Librarian Paula Kaufman to select a book in
honor of my recent tenure and promotion. This book comes to mind. The UIUC library catalog gives it
the following summary: “An ugly duckling spends an unhappy year excluded by the other animals
before he grows into a beautiful swan.”

Igor Mineyev



Activated Sludge Models ASM1, ASM2, ASM2d and ASM3

M. Henze

Mixed culture biotechnology for wastewater treatment is complex and at first difficult to
understand. The Activated Sludge Models provide a great framework for a more structured
understanding and subsequent mathematical modeling. Exploring and working with these models greatly
shaped my own career.

Eberhard Morgenroth

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Animal Sciences


Antibiotics: Actions, Origins, Resistance

Christopher T. Walsh

Research in my laboratory focuses on using physical chemical methods to understand and overcome
antibiotic resistance. This book provides an excellent introduction to the underlying biology of
this field.

Satish K. Nair




William Gibson

This is my favorite and most read book of all time.

Lisa Nakamura

Institute of Communication Research


Research and Theory in Advancing Spatial Data Infrastructure Concepts

Harlan Onsrud

I chose this title because it is new and deals with an issue that is challenging our thought and
practice. With this selection I am also honoring the person that has shown an extraordinary
leadership and dedication to geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial data infrastructure
(SDI) research and community.

Zorica Nedovic-Budic

Urban and Regional Planning


Shades of Black: Diversity in African American Identity

William E. Cross, Jr.

It is a seminal text in Black racial identity in the field of psychology.

Helen Neville

Educational Psychology and African American Studies


The Eighth Day of Creation: The Makers of the Revolution in Biology

Horace Freeland Judson

This work is the definitive history of molecular biology. Judson’s characterization of the
scientists and their discoveries brings to life the research that forever altered the study of
biology. It is essential reading for all biologists and anyone else interested in understanding the
birth of this important field.

Phillip Newmark

Cell and Developmental Biology


Social Competence of Young Children: Risk, Disability, and Intervention

William H. Brown, et al


Michaelene M. Ostrosky

Special Education


The Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance

Rolf Peterson

Isle Royale is a special place. Rolf Peterson knows it better than anyone, and the pictures are

Robert Pahre

Political Science


Successful Aging

John W. Rowe & Robert L. Kahn

This book helped inspire me to pursue successful aging as my primary line of research. I felt
empowered knowing that our behaviors account for the majority of our health and well-being and I am
passionate about learning and sharing strategies for successful aging with older adults and

Laura L. Payne

Recreation, Sport and Tourism


In Memory Of Vernon Willard Hughes: Proceedings Of The Memorial Symposium In Honor Of
Vernon Willard Hughes, Yale University, USA 14-15 November 2003

Emlyn Willard Hughes, Francesco Iachello

In fond memory of my teacher Vernon Hughes.

Matthias Grosse Perdekamp




John Edgar Wideman

John Wideman was my graduate advisor and he remains an influential mentor. I have taught
Wideman’s Damballah on many occasions and I am challenged and inspired by it every time. The book’s
very substance–thematic and stylistic—serves as a reminder (to myself and to my students) of the
power and necessity of story itself.

Audrey Petty

English/Creative Writing


Post-fascist Fantasies: Psychoanalysis, History, and the Literature of East

Julia Hell

This is a groundbreaking study on the difficulty of coming to terms with the Nazi past in
socialist East Germany after 1945. Responding to the exclusion of antifascist literature from the
canon of German speaking literature, Hell provides theoretically informed close readings that
provide insights into the complexity of ideological and literary formations in the GDR. In many
ways, this book has influenced my own work on memory and film in East Germany.

Anke Pinkert

Germanic Languages and Literatures


Strength and Related Properties of Concrete: A Quantitative Approach

Sandor Popovics

This was my father’s last book, and the one he is most proud of. I would like to pay tribute to

John Popovics

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Slovnik Slovenskych Spisovatelov

Valer Mikula

My study of English language use in Slovakia would not have been possible without the
substantial research assistance of the Slavic and East European Library. I hope that the addition
of this broad reference work to their collection will benefit future scholars interested in Slovak
language, literature, and culture.

Catherine Prendergast

English; affiliate faculty with Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center


Measurement Theory: with Applications to Decision Making, Utility, and the Social

Fred S. Roberts

This is the one book I have read repeatedly, consulted several times annually for 1 1/2 decades,
and plan to consult frequently for the rest of my life. This book has profoundly influenced my
whole career.

Michel Regenwetter



Social Development: The Origins and Plasticity of Interchanges

Robert B. Cairns

From our first relationships onward, children come to experience with others love and security,
conflict and aggression, altruism and empathy, freedom and constraint. Cairns’ achievement is to
synthesize the varieties and inconsistencies of social behavior within the developing individual,
who grows, changes, and stays the same through continuous social engagement.

Philip Rodkin

Educational Psychology


Asterix en Hispanie

Rene Goscinny

The Asterix series is essential reading for all historians and archaeologists of Roman culture
and its descendents. As a Hispanist, I found AsterixÕs travels in Spain especially

D. Fairchild Ruggles

Landscape Architecture


If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler

Italo Calvino

A great book about reading, love and beginnings. With Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern Are Dead, this really started me thinking about literature in a serious, theoretical
way. While other Calvino books (Invisible Cities) are equally great, this was the start. It’s also
the first novel I read in Italian.

Robert A. Rushing

Comparative Literature | Spanish, Italian & Portuguese


Visible Speech

Ralph K. Potter, George A. Kopp and Harriet C. Green

Listening to speech is human nature. Displaying speech patterns for the eyes to see requires a
major scientific breakthrough. This book represents a profound understanding of how speech works.
After sixty years, its impact is still strong in many fields, including communication, phonetic
science, speech technologies and education.

Chilin Shih

East Asian Languages and Cultures, Linguistics


Man’s Eternal Quest

Parmahansa Yogananda

Great insight into the meaning of life!

Vijay Singh

Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Hope for the Flowers

Trina Paulus

My parents read this to me as a child. It resurfaced in my life during college when a friend
gave me a copy during a particularly trying period of my life. It has remained a staple and is
perhaps the most elegant story that I have ever read.

Thomas Teper

University Library


The Velveteen Rabbit: Or How Toys Become Real

Margery Williams

This was one of my favorite books as a child, but it also affected the way I look at things as
an adult by teaching me to appreciate the physicality of objects. Even now, as a book and paper
conservator, I still find myself personifying inanimate objects under my care.

Jennifer Hain Teper

University Library


Making Time: Lillian Moller Gilbreth–A Life Beyond ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’

Jane Lancaster

Lancaster describes Lillian Moller Gilbreth’s real story: mother of twelve (Cheaper by the
Dozen), professor, writer, researcher, speaker, and consultant. Gilbreth was a pioneer who proved
that women can have a happy family and a successful career in academia. Gilbreth’s life long
example is an inspiration to all women!

Cherie’ L. Weible

University Library


The Little Engine that Could

Watty Piper

As a young child, ‘The Little Engine that Could’ was my favorite book. I have found that its
theme of the importance of maintaining an optimistic outlook is useful throughout life. The road to
tenure has its share of potholes, but a positive outlook makes the ride less bumpy!

Scott Weisbenner



The Empty Space

Peter Brook

This is a seminal book on directing theory which changed the way I thought of the art form and
continues to challenge my student’s perceptions of the director’s art and their place within the
collaborative process.

James Zager



Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Reference to

Gary S. Becker

This book inspired me to study the importance of the development of knowledge and skills for
low-income people. It has contributed to my belief as a social worker that the investment in
education and skills is one of the most important approaches to empower the poor.

Min Zhan

School of Social Work


Trinadcat Diskov

Mikhail Scherbakov

Mikhail Scherbakov is a highly original Russian poet. Anyone with interest in Russian poetry
will enjoy reading this book.

Vadim Zharnitsky