Honoring Our Faculty Achievements 2002 - Collections


The History of Cartography, Vol. II, Bk. III, Cartography in the Traditional African,
American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies

D. Woodward and G. M. Lewis (Eds.)

This book is a significant contribution to knowledge in two fundamental ways. It is the first
comprehensive treatment of indigenous maps and mapmaking—a topic that has been largely neglected by
geographers and historians of cartography who focus almost exclusively on “Western” maps. Second,
this work expands the definition of a map to include spatial representations found in dances,
songs, gestures, scarification, sculpture, pottery, textiles, and tattoos. These understudied
mappings tell us much about the secular, spiritual, and spatial worldviews of indigenous

Thomas J. Bassett



Advanced Synergetics: Instability Hierarchies of Self-organizing Systems and Devices

H. Haken

This book played an important role in the development of my research interest in dissipative
systems, and in providing a connection between inert and living systems.

Pascal Bellon

Materials Science and Engineering


Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Industrial Systems

L. H. Chiang, E. L. Russell, and R. D. Braatz

This was my first textbook, and was the first textbook on fault detection and diagnosis that
provided broad coverage of the field. Shortly after publication, the book was favorably reviewed by
a senior expert in the field, which gave a nice pat on the back after several years of effort.

Richard D. Braatz

Chemical Engineering


Community Colleges: Policy in the Future Context

Barbara K. Townsend and Susan B. Twombly (Eds.)

The book I have chosen is edited by two of the most respected author/scholars in my field,
community college education. The edited book contains a collection of chapters on some of the most
critical policy issues in the community college field authored by leading scholars. Fortunately, my
own writing appears in this book as I am a co-author with one of my closest colleagues, Margaret
Terry Orr, who is an Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Debra D. Bragg

Educational Organization and Leadership


An Unquiet Mind

Kay Redfield Jamison

I selected this book for personal reasons.

Mary Susan Brewer

Food Science & Human Nutrition


Uncommon Fruits Worthy of Attention

Lee Reich and Vicki Herzfeld Alein

I like unusual fruits.

Jared Bronski



Devices of Wonder: From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen

Barbara Maria Stafford and Frances Terpak

Its author, Barbara Stafford, has been an intellectual inspiration ever since I first met her at
the University of Chicago, where she was also a mentor. This book in particular concerns
technologies of vision that are crucial to my own research in Chinese art history.

Anne Burkus-Chasson

School of Art and Design


Phenomenological Theory of Linear Viscoelastic Behavior

Nicholas W. Tschoegl

This book provides an excellent introduction to vicoelasticity, and I have found it to be a
comprehensive teaching tool in my early years at the University of Illinois. The material provided
herin has also served as an excellent foundation for my past and present research in characterizing
the tim-and temperature-dependent behavior of asphalt materials.

William Buttlar

Civil & Environmental Engineering


The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Edward R. Tufte

This book was influential in my early graduate career when I was learning how to publish
scientific articles. As an experimentalist, presenting my data figures honestly and clearly is just
as important as writing the text honestly and clearly.

David Cahill

Materials Science and Engineering


The Goal

Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox

This book makes the concepts of process management fun, memorable, and easy. The lessons can be
applied to an industrial setting, service business, or personal life. Smooth flow (of widgets,
information, or life) requires identification of bottlenecks, prioritization, and focus; sounds
commonsense but requires persistence.

Dilip Chhajed

Business Administration


Reapportionment Puzzle

Bruce E. Cain

Wendy K. Tam Cho

Political Science


Blue Highways: A Journey into America

William Least Heat Moon

The message of this book is captured at the end, with the author standing on the Outer Banks of
North Carolina: in the face of unstoppable change, one needs not stability, but balance. This is a
pretty important insight for one’s life. I’m also a “life scientist,” and I believe this insight
can even illuminate the interior workings of individual cells.

David F. Clayton

Cell and Structural Biology


A Philosophy of Music Education: Advancing the Vision (3rd ed.)

Bennett Reimer

Previous editions of this book (1970, 1989) played a key role in shaping the philosophical basis
for music education in the United States. Professor Reimer continues to distinguish himself as a
leading figure in the profession and alumnus of the University of Illinois.

Gregory DeNardo

School of Music


Advice for a Young Investigator

Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852-1934) was one of the greatest neuroanatomists of the 15th century.
His beautiful drawings of nerve cells still inspire. I use techniques developed by Ramon y Cajal in
my own research. The advice given in this short book is still fresh today, except for the views on
women in science. I feel proud to have proved him wrong!

Susan Fahrbach



The Death of Virgil

Hermann Broch

It addresses in a most spectacular form the role and nature of art, love, and life. I have
chosen it as the focal story for an operatic work in progress.

Guy E. Garnett

Department of Music


The Rumen and its Microbes

Robert E. Hungate

I encountered this book by chance while browsing in the bookstacks of the D. H. Hill Library
when I was a sophomore majoring in pre-med at N. C. State University. I was overwhelmingly
intrigued with the complexity of the intestinal microbial ecosystem described in the book. This led
me to find a laboratory on campus that was conducting research on a related topic. So began my
research career. I never considered applying to medical school and am conducting research in a
related area now, 25 years later. In addition, our laboratory is now housed in the space formerly
occupied by Professor Marvin Bryant, who was elected to the National Academy of Sciences while a
UIUC faculty member. Professor Bryant began his career as a dishwasher in Professor Hungate’s
laboratory in the state of Washington. I met Professor Hungate when he attended the symposium held
at UIUC in honor of Professor Bryant’s career. Professor Hungate was 90 years old at the time, and
he resides now in Davis, CA.

H. Rex Gaskins

Animal Sciences


Samuel Johnson: Rasselas, Poems, and Selected Prose

Bertrand H. Bronson (Ed.)

As an undergraduate at SUNY at Buffalo in the ‘70s, I was introduced to exciting new ways of
thinking about film, literature, and culture. In reading feminist analyses of gender,
psychoanalytic theories on literature and film, and ethnic and racial revisions of history, I
learned innovative, politically astute methods of apprehending culture and cultural artifacts. I
was deeply enamored with my own critical sophistication. My reading of Dr. Johnson in an
introductory English course revealed a past that I had dismissed as hopelessly old-fashioned and
unselfconscious. Dr. Johnson possessed a capacious intelligence, sad, sometimes dark, always
engaged. He faced hard truths head on, reporting them with a rigor that was somehow kind, in
perfectly rounded sentences that seemed to make each observation an aphorism. This book began my
love affair with his writings and his century. His thoughts tempered mine. Through him, I came to a
far better understanding of the uses and significance of the later theories. His evaluation of my
occupation has helped me more than once to deflate any inclinations toward pomposity and
pretension: “every man can exert such judgment as he has upon the works of others; and he whom
Nature has made weak, and Idleness keeps ignorant, may yet support his vanity by the name of

Pat Gill

Institute of Communications Research


The Logic of Chemical Synthesis

E.J. Corey

The author, E.J. Cory, served as one of my research advisors. This book details a portion of his
many seminal accomplishments in synthetic chemistry, provides insights into his creativity, and
serves as an inspiration in my scientific career.

David Gin



Geographies of Latinidad

M. Garcia, a. Valdivia and M. C. Ledger (Eds.)

Geographies of Latinidad represents my journey and the journey of Latina-Latino Studies at
the University of Illinois. The book grew out of an informal reading group for Latina-Latino
Studies faculty and later a graduate seminar and national conference developed jointly by faculty
and sponsored by the Center for Advanced Study in which interdisciplinary perspectives were brought
to bear on topics such as gender, race, class, identity, and education. Although only a portion of
the participants of that seminar and conference contributed chapters to the book, the spirit of all
of us from that first reading group (many who were at the time assistant professors) is grounded in
this book. In this sense,
Geographies of Latinidad stands for not just me and where I see my research moving, but
for the journey taken by my “familia” in Latina/Latino Studies. I am proud to have a chapter in a
book with good friends and respected colleagues such as Angharad Valdivia, Alejandro Lugo, and matt
Garcia as well as leading scholars in Latina/o Studies such as Gloria Anzaldua, Ian Haney Lopez,
and Frances Aparicio. It represents all of the bonds I have and help I have received in terms of
getting tenure, but also the crossroads in helping me move beyond a traditional/conservative
research perspective in mathematics education for which I was trained and to which I belong, into a
more interdisciplinary and global perspective on the ways in which mathematics and democracy

Rochelle Gutierrez

Curriculum and Instruction


Concerto for viola Pomposa and Orchestra

Rudolf Haken

I chose this work in order to promote my favorite instrument, the viola pomposa.

Rudolf Haken

School of Music


Ville di delizie o siano palagi comparecci nello stato di Milano

Marc’ Antonio Dal Re

This book is a facsimile edition of selected rare prints of 18th century Lombard villa compound,
which formed the basis for my dissertation research and first sole-authored book. Without this
book, I would not have had ready access to the prints and accompanying texts since they are located
in archives and rare book collections.

Dianne Harris

Landscape Architecture


Sur la terre comme au ciel: Jardins d’Occident a la fin du Moyen Age

Marion Mangnon and Marion Tenbusch (Eds.)

In my teaching and research, I am interested in the relationship between medieval art and lived
experience. This exhibition is a wonderful example of this type of exploration. It juxtaposed
objects that ranged from high culture (for example, illuminated manuscripts or panel paintings) to
low (for example, watering cans), and through careful consideration successfully revealed how an
understanding of the physical experience of medieval gardens helps clarify our visual, literary, or
allegorical experience of them in the arts.

Anne D. Hedeman

School of Art and Design


Prolongation of Life

I Metchnikoff

He was a Nobel Lauate and was one of the first to note the influence of diet and the
prolongation of life.

Bill Helferich

Food and Human Nutrition


Medically Important Fungi: A Guide to Identification, 4th ed.

Davise H. Larone

I selected this book because of its high quality and utility. Teaching mycology to the
veterinary students has been an integral part of my life as a faculty member at UIUC. This book
will help future students in their studies of infectious disease and pathology.

Lois L. Hoyer

Veterinary Pathobiology


The Story of the Group of Seven

Lawren Harris

I wanted to choose a book that related to my academic or personal interests, and yet was not
likely to go out of date. Moreover, I wanted something that would be new to UIUC. As my academic
interests are in information technology, not only was it difficult to choose a book that would not
(soon) be out of date, but also one not already held by UIUC. So I turned to my personal interests.
As a Canadian whose experience of the U.S. has been rooted in the corn and soybeans of central
Illinois, what better choice could I make than something relating to the great Canadian landscape
artists of the Group of Seven, whose founding members included Lawren S. Harris, J. E. H.
MacDonald, Arthur Lismer, Frederick Varley, Frank Johnston, Franklin Carmichael, and A. Y. Jackson
(Tom Thomson, often considered a member of this group drowned in Algonquin Park in 1917, before the
first show by the Group of Seven in 1920). I have grown up with their landscape and their
paintings, images that still take my breath away.

I have not seen the book that I have requested. In keeping with the information age, I found the
book online as well as the rare books store that has it for sale. I have conveyed the request for
the book to the library electronically and realize that I may see it for the first time at the
reception for newly tenure and promoted faculty. In the meantime, it has been a pleasure and a
delight to revisit the Group of Seven, and I hope the book will inspire others to explore these
painters and the land they painted.

Caroline Haythornthwaite

Library and Information Science


Foc’s’le and Glory-hole

James C. Healey

This book is by my grandfather, who went to sea as a cabin boy at a young age. He later worked
his way through Princeton and then earned a Ph.D. in sociology, starting a tradition of academic
inquiry in our family. I am proud to be the third generation to follow that path.

Paul D. Healey

Library Administration


Flatlands: A Romance of Many Dimensions

A. Abbott

This book captures a poignant but simple relationship between mathematics and the spiritual
underpinnings that many people seek. It provides a lucid explanation of how God may exist, and the
human limitations that prevent us from fully understanding his power, using fundamental and basic
mathematical principles. It captures a concept that is near and dear to my heart.

Sheldon H. Jacobson

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (4th ed.)

Glenn O. Schwab, et al.

I use this as a textbook for two classes. This is one of the most prestigious books, and it has
been used all over the world as a textbook for Agricultural Engineering students. This book covers
the fundamentals of soil and water resources engineering with excellent examples. In the
5th edition of this book (that will be published within the next two years), I will be a
co-author of this book.

Prasanta K. Kalita

Agricultural Engineering


Wind in the Willows

Kenneth Grahame

This book teaches the following lessons: the value and responsibilities of friendship; the
importance of community; the joy found in everyday activities; and the beauty and ferocity of the
natural world. I still read it when I need to be reminded of what matters most.

Julia Kellman

School of Art & Design


Lend Me Your Ears—Great Speeches in History

Selected and Introduced by William Safire

The speeches in this book, drawn from all of documented history, express an extraordinary
collection of ideas on a range of topics. Taken together, they teach, please and never fail to

Jay P. Kesan

College of Law


Classical Acting

Malcolm Morrison

Written by one of my mentors in the theatre, this book is a brilliantly concise guide for actors
attempting classical texts.

Henson Keys



Strengthening Family Resilience

Froma Walsh

Wish I had written it! Froma Walsh does a wonderful job of describing what family resiliency is,
what resilient families look like, and how we can adopt a strengths-oriented perspective to help
families manage life’s challenges. The book is a wonderful model of how research knowledge,
theoretical frameworks, and practice perspectives can be integrated to develop effective
interventions that support families. Froma Walsh will be the featured speaker for the Spring 2003
lecture of The pampered Chef Family Resiliency Program.

Laurie Kramer

Human and Community Development


Computer Vision: A Modern Approach

David Forsyth and Jean Ponce

Jean Ponce, an author, was responsible for bringing me to UIUC, and it honors him well.

David Kriegman

Computer Science


Lutyens Abroad: The Work of Sir Edwin Lutyens Outside the British Isles

Andrew Hopkins and Gavin Stamp (Eds.)

Edwin Lutyens was one of the greatest architects of the 20th century; yet because he rejected
the tenets and visual forms of the Modern Movement, much of his work remains unfamiliar or
relegated to a minor niche as “Arts and Crafts” design. This book introduces scholars and general
readers to an array of important Lutyens buildings from France to New Delhi and from Washington, DC
to Rome. For my own studies of late 19th and early 20th century architecture, I greatly welcome
this significant addition to the literature on Lutyens.

Paul Kruty

School of Architecture


Mechanics of Motor Proteins and the Cytoskeleton

Jonathan Howard

The mechanical properties of cellular components and of proteins that act as motors in biology
are of enormous importance for living systems. This highly readable textbook introduces students to
the molecular mechanics of biological molecules. Several important fundamental concepts are
introduced and described in a way that is accessible to undergraduates, graduates, and researchers
new to the field. The breadth of topics presented should also be of interest to a wide variety of
faculty on this campus, including physics, cell biology, physiology, chemical and biomolecular
engineering, and chemistry.

Deborah Leckband

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Multiphase Fluid Dynamics

S. L. Soo

I selected
Multiphase Fluid Dynamics in remembrance of Professor S. L. Soo who was one of my mentors.
I always remember how he taught me to be a good professor. He was a world-renowned researcher and
was the graduate advisor of many prominent professors, including President James J. Stukel of the
University of Illinois and Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien of UC Berkeley. It was a great honor for me
that he asked me to manage his laboratory and eventually inherit his laboratory after his death in
1998 due to old age. I deeply appreciate the kindness and care from him and his wife, Mrs. Hermia

Chia-fon F. Lee

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


D-brane Primer

Clifford Johnson

This book is a review of D-branes, which are important objects in string theory. They were
originally discovered by myself and collaborators.

Rob Leigh



Precedence and Arrow Networking Techniques for Construction

Robert B. Harris

This book was written by my mentor, Robert B. Harris, who was instrumental in my decision to
pursue a career in Construction Engineering and management. An inspiring teacher, a dedicated
researcher, and a pioneer, Harris wrote the book with passion, clarity, and an excellent balance
between theories and practical applications.

Liang Y. Liu

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Dr. Suess

It is a seminal discourse on the expectations, perceptions and reality of the journey of today’s
young adults within the American culture; oh yeah, and it has really neat pictures!

Eric Loth

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


The Making of the English Working Class

Edward P., Thompson

E.P. Thompson’s
The Making of the English Working Class is, in my opinion, one of the best academic
books of the twentieth century. The book’s honest and rigorous examination of England’s industrial
revolution has not been surpassed. The book is a very serious reminder of the importance of
understanding the everyday life of working class peoples everywhere, especially in relation to the
larger economic and political forces that continue to impinge upon them today.

Alejandro Lugo



The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics

Gary Zukav

With superb clarity and insight, this book explains to the non-expert the strange concepts of
modern physics, in such areas as quantum mechanics and relativity. There are many books which
endeavor to provide such popular introductions, but this one is truly exceptional in the sense of
wonder it conveys. It approaches physics from a philosophical perspective, inviting the reader to
ponder the deeper implications of what we have learned. The counterintuitive discoveries of modern
physics are compared in a running metaphor to the mind-expanding suggestions of Eastern mysticism,
showing how both disciplines ask us to question our preconceived notions of the nature of things. I
was greatly inspired by this book when I read it as an undergraduate student, and it still serves
as a reminder that science should always be approached with an open mind and a sense of wonder.

Naomi C. R. Makins



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats

Frank J. M. Verstraete (Ed.)

I am a veterinary surgeon and dentist with a special interest in maxillofacial surgery in dogs
and cats. This book will be the first book ever published in the world devoted to the art of
maxillofacial surgery. This book will contain 59 chapters written by over 40 specialists with
expertise in various aspects of maxillofacial surgery. I am proud to be a contributing author to
this book which will serve as the goal standard for maxillofacial surgery in dogs and cats for many

Sandra Manfra Marretta

Veterinary Clinical Medicine


Modern Quantum Chemistry

A. Szabo and N. Ostlund

This is the book which first piqued my interest in electronic structure theory.

Todd J. Martinez



The Applause First Folio of Shakespeare in Modern Type


Shakespeare’s First Folio stands as one of the greatest literary achievements of all time. This
new edition is the first time the plays have been printed in modern type. Thereby making this
monumental work of art more accessible too any reader. It is the cornerstone of all dramatic
literature, and it continually informs all of my work in the theatre.

Robin McFarquhar



Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity

Robert McKim

I wrote it.

Robert McKim

Program for the Study of Religion


The Man Who Once Was Whizzer White

Dennis J. Hutchinson

This biography of Justice Byron White is an example of excellent contemporary legal scholarship.
It offers an insightful and nuanced account not only of Justice White’s remarkable life, but also
of the ways in which personality and human experience shapes the development of law.

David Meyer

College of Law


Words on Words: A Dictionary for Writers and Others Who Care about Words

John B. Bremner

Narrowing the list to just one book was surprisingly difficult. My first thought was fiction and
my favorite political-intrigue novel,
Seven Days in May. Then I thought more journalistic:
All the President’s Men. Or more personally relevant: Jim Lehrer’s
We Were Dreamers. Or more academically relevant: Edward Tufte’s
Envisioning Information. Or more classical philosophical:
Meditations on the First Philosophy.

In the end, if I had to limit my choice to just one book, either for this honor or for
accompanying me onto a desert island, it would have to be a reference work. That gave me the
obvious choice: John Bremner’s
Words on Words, a psalmist’s concordance to the English language, evocative of my eternal
memories of the zealotry of the larger-than-life Australian war hero turned priest turned
journalism professor who committed the words to paper and committed me and thousands of others
worship at the altar of our language.

Eric Meyer



An Hour before Daylight

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is an engineer who has directed his problem-solving skills beyond the technical
horizon and is a great example and inspiration for all of us.

Jimmy Carter’s rural roots remind me of my own upbringing. It is a way of life that is
disappearing, but one worth remembering.

Ty Newell

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

Harper Collins

This is a beautifully written, fascinating introduction to a country and a society I knew little
about. The book brilliantly interweaves insights into Delhi’s rich culture and turbulent history
with social and political commentary and with glimpses of present-day society and attitudes.
City of Djinns is often poignant, often humorous, but fundamentally respectful. My former
post-doctoral mentor recommended this rewarding book to me, and it’s a pleasure for me to recommend
it in turn.

Peter Orlean



A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There

Aldo Leopold

It is a classic in the field of Conservation Biology that all should read and heed. As Leopold
states, “Like wind and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away
with them. Now we face the question whether a still higher ‘standard of living’ is worth its cost
in things natural, wild and free.”

Ken N. Paige

Animal Biology


Hayek and After: Hayekian Liberalism as a Research Programme

Jeremy Shearmur

Friedrich Hayek was one of the greatest economists of the 20th century. It would be good for the
library to have a more complete collection of writings on and about him.

Neil Pearson



Hearing Gestures: How Our Hands Help Us Think

Susan Goldin-Meadow

Susan Goldin-Meadow, the author of this book, was my graduate advisor. She, more than anyone
else, has influenced my career and my scholarship. I am delighted that I can recognize her
influence by placing her book in UIUC’s library in honor of my promotion.

Michelle Perry

Educational Psychology


Severe and Hazardous Weather

Robert M. Rauber, John E. Walsh and Donna J. Charlevoix

I wrote it and its publication coincided with my promotion.

Robert M. Rauber

Atmospheric Sciences


The Classic Hundred Poems: All-time Favorites

William Harmon (Ed.)

For several years, I have found delight, wonder, and sober reflection in this anthology of the
most-printed poems in the English language. These poets, from ancient to modern, use their artistry
to probe the universal human experience of searching for meaning and purpose in every aspect of

Sam Reese

School of Music


Pattern and Growth in Personality

Gordon W. Allport

It is one of the classics in my field of study. It has influenced my thinking and research
greatly, and I hope to write a pale facsimile of it in the coming years.

Brent W. Roberts



Chusei no chi to gaku: chushaku o yomu

Mitani Kuniaki

This is an invaluable work concerning the intellectual horizons and forms of textual annotation
during the medieval era in Japan. We can gain great insight into the milieu in which all manner of
textual production was occurring, including a variety of arenas, and especially indicating a close
connection between the religious and seemingly non-religious spheres of Japanese society.

Brian O. Ruppert

East Asian Languages and Culture


Democracy and Disagreement

Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson

This book influenced my thinking on how to conceptualize evaluation theory and practice.

Katherine Ryan

Educational Psychology


Variational Analysis

R. T. Rockafellar and R. J. B. Wets

It intersects a great deal with my current research interests and is a fantastic book.

Nick Sahinidis

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors and the
Collision of Two Cultures

Anne Fadiman

I happened upon this book in Barnes and Noble quite by accident just as I was about to begin a
major new research initiative looking at the health impacts of environmental contaminants in Hmong
refugees. It opened my eyes to Hmong culture, helped me to understand how Hmong people
conceptualize health and disease, and, perhaps most importantly, caused me to stop and reflect on
what it means to be an American.

Susan L. Schantz

Veterinary Biosciences


Design for Environment

Graedel and Allenby

As a person concerned about the environment, but also very aware of the need for engineering
projects, I selected a book that would enable engineers and other scientists to think about the
impact on the environment and ways they can help solve some of the problems.

Mary C. Schlembach

Library Administration


Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting

Barry Schwabsky

Rosalyn D. Schwartz

School of Art and Design



Thomas Pynchon

Like great food, Pynchon writes books that can be experienced again and again without losing
their appeal. The many plot threads in
V are definitely secondary to the writing itself, which (at least for me) forms a
fascinating ocean of words that I never tire of diving into, sometimes floating near the surface
and sometimes descending into the murky depths.

Mats Selen



The Killer Angels

Michael Schaara

Killer Angels is about the Battle of Gettysburg. The movie
Gettysburg is based on the novel. Most of the movie was filmed near my home in
Pennsylvania. The U.S.A., as we know it, may have ceased to exist had the Battle of Gettysburg and
the Civil War had different outcomes.

Jim Shriner

Special Education


The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity

Jurgen Habermas

Mirjana Soltirovic



An Introduction to Composite materials, 2nd Edition

Derek Hull

Nancy R. Sottos

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Concrete, 2nd Edition

S. Mindess, J. F. Young and D. Darwin

I am selecting this book because it is a new edition of a textbook we have used for many years
in teaching here and because one of the authors, J. F. Young, was a valued colleague here for many

Leslie Struble

Civil and Environmental Engineering


The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy

Richard M. Titmuss

Titmuss’ imaginative investigation of voluntary and commercial systems of blood collection
inspired me to take up the study of foster care to address a basic question of social policy: Are
human needs better met by applying the economic principles of the marketplace or by instilling in
people the social values of altruism and reciprocity?

Mark Testa

School of Social Work


Up from Puerto Rico

Elena Padilla

I selected
Up From Puerto Rico because Elena Padilla’s work and life constitutes part of an
intellectual legacy in the discipline of Anthropology and Puerto Rican Studies that has been
overlooked in the academy. Her recognition in the field is long overdue.

Arlene Torrres



The Gift

Vladimir V. Nabokov

Set in Berlin in the late 1920s,
The Gift is a love letter to Russia, Russian literature, and the woman who became
Nabokov’s wife. I first read it (in English) in 1977 and learned Russian just so that I could read
it in the original. A masterpiece.

Aaron Trehub

Library Administration


Design and Performance of Road Pavements

Paul Croney, David Croney

Erol Tutumluer

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Off on a Comet

Jules Verne

Books by Jules Verne made a lasting impression on me. I must have read this particular book a
dozen times at least (although in my native language) as a kid. Perfect combination of science and
fiction. These books got me thinking about science and engineering.

Nitin H. Vaidya

Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Primrose Path

Bram Stoker

The first novel published by Bram Stoker, the author of
The Primrose Path has just recently been rediscovered and reissued, and the UIUC Library
as yet has no copy. In my recent study, Dracula’s Crypt, I provide the first critical reading of
this novel on record and establish its importance as an expression of Stoker’s Irish

Joseph Valente




Charles H. Bukowski

Bukowski summarizes the relationship between the individual and society in
Factotum, chronicling the enervating effect of most work on our humanity. From the
disconnection he formulates a philosophy of endurance: those who endure [society] and ultimately
prevail [at anything] gain a freedom that separates them from others.

Eric R. Vimr

Veterinary Pathobiology


Mechanisms of Disease

David O. Slauson and Barry J. Cooper

The book I selected has been in many ways a handbook for my teaching career. I read the first
edition from cover to cover when preparing for the veterinary pathology board examination and found
the book’s exquisite organization yet easy going style to fit my style of learning like a hand in
glove. Accordingly, I have used the second and third editions as the text for my course in General
Pathology, taught to second year veterinary students. I follow in general its organizational scheme
and have emulated its easy going style. General Pathology has been transformed from a course that
was formerly dreaded to one that is anticipated.

Matt Wallig

Veterinary Pathobiology


Chained in Christ: The Experience and Rhetoric of Paul’s Imprisonments

Craig S. Wansink

The author is one of the most inspiring professors I know. He inspires not only through his
research and service but also in the way he impassions his students. This book shows how a 2000
year old topic can be made as fresh and interesting as tomorrow’s news. Oh, yes, he’s also my

Brian Wansink

Business Administration


Clones and Clones: Facts and Fantasies about Human Cloning

Martha Nussbaum

Nussbaum is such a marvelous writer and thinker. Her words make you think and because she is so
accessible, she reaches many and challenges others to think.

Lynn Wiley

Library Administration


The Education of Blacks in the South, 1860-1935

James D. Anderson

Arlette Ingram Willis

Curriculum and Instruction


Fohrer Gronlandfahrer

Erich Riewerts and Brar C. Roeloffs

This book chronicles my mother’s rich heritage dating back to the 16th century. My ancestors
were sea captains and farmers from the German Island Fohr. I was struck by how greatly my family
was influenced by strong, dominant women, who ran the farms while the men were away at sea.

Brenda Anne Wilson



Time Series Analysis: Nonstationary and Noninvertible Distribution Theory

K. Tanaka

This book is a very good text with coverage at an advanced level of limit distribution theory
for unit root models and small cointegration systems with a focus on the Fredholm approach to
characterizing the distribution of functionals of stochastic processes like Brosonian motion.

Zhijie Xiao



Lucky Jim

Kingsley Amis

This book describes the trials and tribulations of a bumbling young scholar’s quest to join the
faculty of an academic institution in post-war England. It’s a tragic-comical story that pokes fun
at the self-absorbed seriousness of academic life. I thought of this book frequently during my time
as assistant professor, and it helped me keep work, family and competing outside interests in

Greg Youngen

Library Administration


Theory of Ground Vehicles

J. Y. Wong

This book provides the fundaments of the off-road equipment engineering which is the area I’m
working on.

Qion Zhang

Agricultural Engineering


Statistical Theories of Mental Test Scores

Frederic M. Lord and Melvin R. Novick

Theory exploration and development are always at the research core in any discipline. In
educational and psychological measurement, there are two major testing theories today: classical
testing theory (CTT) and item response theory (IRT). Statistical Theories of Mental Test Scores by
Lord and Novick (1968), with contributions by Allan Birnbaum, is the best classic book describing
both theories, I believe. The book helped me a lot in understanding both theories and it is one of
the references I used more frequently when I built my line of research in IRT and Kinesiology. I am
building a Kinesmetrics (measurement and evaluation in Kinesiology) doctoral program at UIUC now
and this will be a required book for my doctoral students to read.

Weimo Zhu