Ordering Media - Collections

Collection Development Policy

Purpose – To provide a collection of non-print resources in a variety of formats for all levels of curriculum offered at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In addition, the collection supports research and service activities sponsored by the University and the University Library. Given its broad interdisciplinary nature, the collection also serves as a library source of emerging media formats. The majority of media materials are housed in the centralized Undergraduate Library Media Collection for widest access.

Selection Criteria – Material selected for addition to the collection will normally meet the following criteria:

  • Material requested for classroom use by an instructor.
  • Up-to-date resources in formats for which the Library maintains viewing equipment.
  • Material which is interdisciplinary in nature, and which fills a gap in the collection not met by other titles.

Requesting Purchases

If you would like to suggest a video (streaming video, DVD, or Blu-Ray) for the collection, please use the Video Purchase Request Webform.

  • Please note that most Hollywood productions cannot be acquired by the Library in streaming format, but departments can license them through Swank Digital Campus.

To request purchases of other media formats, or for questions about media orders, please email us at mediaorders@library.illinois.edu.