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Policy and Procedure for Checking out Loanable Technology

Checking out Loanable Technology at the Undergraduate Library


The Library is only able to provide a limited number of loanable technology items and the intent is to provide short-term access to these items for class projects and needs. Most loanable technology items can be checked out if there are no other reservations for that item.  The Library reserves the right to deny renewal of items in order to best accommodate needs of others who may need the item. Visit our list of technology for checkout for more information. Because of the high demand for these items, it is not possible to check out more than one item type (such as only one camera or camcorder-- regardless of brand). The library also requires a 72 hour interval upon the return of an item before a similar item can be checked out.  However, it is appropriate to check out different types of media (e.g. tripod, camera, mic, voice recorder, etc.).  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Library administration. 

Types of Check-out Periods


see also: booking loanable technology

Please note that the library is not responsible for any damage that may occur on equipment as a result of media borrowed from the library

Created:  October 15, 2012