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The Library is able to provide a limited number of loanable technology items and the intent is to provide short term access to these items for class projects and needs. Most loanable technology items can be checked out if there are no other reservations for that item.  The Library reserves the right to deny renewal of items in order to best accommodate needs of others who may need the item. For a list of the technology that can be checked out, see below.   Because of the high demand for these items it is not possible to check out more than one item type (such as only one camera or camcorder-- regardless of brand).  However, it is appropriate to check out different types of media (e.g. tripod, camera, mic, voice recorder, etc.).  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Library administration.

Types of Check-out Periods

  • In-Library Use Only Items.  Library use only items, such as laptops, chargers, headphones, graphic calculators, are for use within the Undergraduate Library only.  These are generally for two hours only with a $5.00 overdue charge if late.  Oftentimes these can be renewed at the circulation desk of the Undergraduate Library if others are not waiting.
  • Circulating Items.  Some items can be checked out of the library for one week.  These include items like cameras and voice recorders.  There is a late fine if not returned on time.  Because these items are high use items it may (or may not) be possible to renew or reserve them.


  • Click on links below for a description of items and their availability.
  • Inquire at the Circulation or Loanable Technology desk at the Undergraduate Library if the item is available.  This can be done in person or by calling 333-3477.
  • You will need to present a valid I-Card and sign forms to verify that each pieced is present, that you understand the cost if pieces/items are not returned, the due date, fines etc.    This can take a few minutes. 
  • Returning items:  Items must be returned in person at the Technology (Loanable Technology) desk at the Undergraduate Library.  You will need to verify (with the staff person) that each piece has been returned in good condition) and sign the form again.  Failure to complete this process means that you did not return the item and you may be charged for it.
Please note that the library is not responsible for any damage that may occur on equipment as a result of media borrowed from the library.

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Cameras and Equipment


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Adapters, Cables and Misc.

Policies and Procedures for Loanable Technology

Loanable Technology funded in part by the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.

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