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Dewey Decimal in the UIUC Bookstacks


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Putting it together


Rules and Guidelines For Call Number Ordering in the Stacks

Rule 1:    Ordering is based on the guideline - nothing before something:

973 C375 before 973 C375a

Rule 2:    A. File one decimal place at a time:

778.53092 L558r before 778.54 C38

               B. File one numerical place at a time after each capital letter:

973 C375a before 973 C38
846R532 Og1962 before 846R56 Oc

               C. Consider numbers as a break (i.e. 'a' & 'a2' less than 'ar'):

973 C73a before 973 C73a2 before 973 C73ar before 973 C73ar2 before 973 C735

Rule 3:   A. File groups of letters together when they precede numbers:

328.01 H96e before 328.01 He26k before 328.01 Hi12k

               B. In the case of letter groupings for serials, the same rule applies:

051 YO v.16 before 051 YO2h before 051 YOC v.1

Rule 4:    Lower case letters precede capital letters when in the same column or place when it is the work mark:

915 Wh46wy before 915 Wh46Ww before 915 Wh46Wz before 915 Wh46X

Rule 5:    Different editions of the same work are shelved in the increasing order of their dates:

973 C37a before 973 C37a 1950 before 973 C37a 1955

Rule 6:   Materials in the original language will precede any translations. Translations may be noted by either a colon preceding a capital letter, or a capital immediately following a work mark. Examples:

220.52 B47:F before 220.52 B47hSP before 220.52 B47J


815 Q89 before 815 Q89:R before 815 Q89:SP before 815 Q89s

Shelving Order - How to Place Books on the Shelves

Shelving Order

When either looking for or reshelving books, remember the rule, "left to right - top to bottom." That means you start at the left on the top shelf and move to the right until the shelf ends. Then, you go to the next shelf beneath that and do the same. When you get to the end of the bottom shelf, move up to the top shelf of the next section, and continue....

Work Mark
Work Mark

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